‘Softness Without Borders’

Mexico will soon have a product guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of Mexicans everywhere, especially in their home country. Thanks to the ingenuity of Mexican lawyer Antonio Battaglia Trump’ toilet paper may soon be polishing the posteriors of the very people Trump referred to as rapists and drug traffickers. According to Mexican Teacher’s Union rep Jose’ Alfredo, that rhetoric incensed immigrants everywhere,

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“He is a xenophobe and racist who doesn’t respect the unity of our two nations. He has insulted an entire nation”

That’s the motivation behind the Trump paper, which started as a joke. Battaglia says he wanted to stand up for those who were being marginalized by Trump’s antics.

“I felt the need and obligation of raising my hand against such dangerous nonsense that was putting at risk my country and people. Once he won, we had to stop the fun approach and focus seriously on developing a product not based on a mockery but based on a response to an insult, based on helping migrants”

Battaglia hopes to have the Trump brand toilet paper out by the end of the year and says branding it ‘Trump’ will not infringe on the president’s many copyrights associated with his name. The  Trump Organization has not applied for Mexican copyrights on hygiene products. The labeling pokes fun at Trump’s demonization of immigrants. Splashed across the packaging, in Spanish, are the phrases “Softness Without Borders” and “This supports Migrants”.  On the back, an image of a stack of toilet paper is captioned by the phrase “this is the wall we are going to build”. The paper isn’t just good for laughs and ‘numero dos’.  Battaglia has promised 30% of the profits from the sale of the toilet paper to go to non profits that help migrants with legal advice.

And while Conservatives jump on the ‘don’t disrespect the president’ bandwagon, lamenting about how offensive Trump toilet paper is, remind them that THIS is still on the interwebs:

They can use the Trump brand TP to wipe away their tears.

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