Trump Lawyer’s Earnings From ‘Christian’ Charity Should Scare Away Contributors

On  Jun. 18th, Trump attorney Jay Sekulow made the rounds on the Sunday morning talk shows denying that Pres. Trump is under investigation by special counsel. Sekulow stumbled and stammered through each interview. So let’s see how he holds up to accusations that he and his family made tens of millions of dollars exploiting retirees and other poor people in the name of a Christian charity.

As reported in The Guardian, Sekulow also serves as president of the non-profit Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism (CASE). CASE is a very un-christian organization preying on the old and devout for millions of dollars to pay for assets like private jets.  But the expose from The Guardianprovides many damning facts on how exactly Sekulow, his family members, and their related businesses’ have used charitable funds to enrich themselves. Let’s lay out the reported facts:

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First, Sekulow’s law firm has collected $25 million since 2000 in legal services from CASE. Also, a Sekulow-owned production company was paid $11.3 million.

Second, Sekulow and his wife, Pam Sekulow, have been personally paid $4.5 million taken from CASE’s coffers for Jay’s and Mrs. Sekulow’s leadership.

Third, Gary Sekulow, Jay’s brother, made $9.2 million for serving as CASE’s chief operating officer while his wife made some $6.2 million.

And lastly, as reported in The Guardian, the children of both Jay and Gary Sekulow have made $1.7 million.

In a quote, Arthur Rieman, managing attorney at the California-based Law Firm for Nonprofits, stated:

“I can’t imagine this situation being acceptable. That kind of money is practically unheard of in the nonprofit world, and these kinds of transactions I could never justify.”

And this hasn’t been the first investigative report into the Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism and the Sekulow’s income. In 2011, USA Today reported how $33 million had been made through Case and Mr. Sekulow’s other charitable organizations.

Mr Sekulow’s spokesperson, Gene Kapp issued this statement:

“The financial arrangements between the ACLJ, Case and all related entities are regularly reviewed by outside independent compensation experts and have been determined to be reasonable. In addition, each entity has annual independent outside audits performed by certified public accounting firms. Further, the IRS has previously conducted audits of the ACLJ and Case and found them to be in full compliance of all applicable tax laws.”

So in the future, there may be another inarticulate, stumbling and stammering response from Sekulow. And hopefully his contributors will hear these reports loud and clear.

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