The Highland Mint is a much-revered mint, located in Melbourne, Florida, and established in the 1980s. Reasons for the mint’s superior reputation include its state-of-the-art technology and highest quality design process. The mint’s coins are very much sought after, as are its services. The Highland Mint is a full-service refinery and minting company. It produces custom products from both precious and non-precious metals, and these are universally prized for their uniqueness and fine workmanship. HM Bullion is considered a very secure and advisable investment.

Custom products produced at the facility include special sports memorabilia like medallions and picture frames. These, which memorialize sports teams and athletes, are highly collectible items. The Highland Mint holds licenses with Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, and the National Hockey League. The mint creates entire lines of medallions. Full service is offered by mint, which includes layout and design, casting, sculpting, sandblasting, and custom packaging. All products are limited editions and come with certificates of authenticity.

The facility itself is 40 000 square feet and boasts the best in minting technology. Large and small jobs are welcomed by HM, and each product is produced quickly and efficiently and packaged expertly to maintain its perfect condition. Highland Mint is known for its excellence in customer service. You can expect both an immaculate product and very pleasing service and assistance along the way to its completion.

The history of the Highland Mint

The history of the Highland Mint

In the 1980s, the US Government sold off its silver stock, creating a suddenly high availability of silver coins. Interest in bullion coins was renewed.

Highland Mint thereafter expanded its production from bronze, silver, and gold mint-cards to include medallions, Mint-Coins, and Photo-Mints. HM expanded its range even further to include mini and jumbo-sized items, colored items, and high relief metal products. Today, HM offers a sandblast feature and such unique items as football-shaped medallions.

Each and every image is hand-sculpted into the plaster at the Highland Mint, then it is transferred into a die. There are a variety of finishing processes available, which enhance perfection and uniqueness in every item. HM Bullion is minted into the most immaculate and prized forms.

What is HM Bullion?

The word ‘bullion’ derives from the old French word of the same spelling which meant ‘meeting-house’. HM Bullion is highly refined silver or gold. Bullion also refers to bulk metal used in coin production, and especially to precious metals. We do not use precious metal for our publicly circulated coins. HM Bullion is, rather, purchased as an investment.

The purity of gold bullion can be effectively assessed using the technique of fire assay. There are established standards for the purity of bullion. In the European Union, the minimum purity of gold bullion is 99.5% for bullion bars and 90% for bullion coins.

HM Bullion can take the form of coins, bars, or ingots. The value of these remains stable in periods of economic uncertainty, thus making them a stable investment. Bullion derives its value, not from its form, but from its precious metal content. They do not normally enter into a life of general public circulation, but they do have legal tender status and a nominal face value.

What makes HM Bullion a good investment.

It is well known that bullion makes for an advisable investment when economies are unstable. This kind of investment hedges against currency risks, inflation, as well as political uncertainties. Oftentimes, bullion investments are chosen in order to diversify investment portfolios. Banks, transport companies, and brokers invest in bullion. The bullion is stored value and its main risk is theft.

When market conditions strike other investments with inflation, gold and silver bullion retain their absolute value. It will remain unaffected by currency fluctuations. Part of what this means is that the amount of goods and services that can be bought by an ounce of gold remains fairly stable over time, even during times of recession. This is the reason currencies were originally minted from gold and silver.

HM Bullion is the finest quality refined gold and silver, meticulously minted in memorable and collectible forms. Bullion, in general, is prized by many investors for the reason that it is actual wealth or value, as opposed to being merely symbolizing or certifying wealth. No bank accounts or transfer fees are necessary in order to transfer it. It is physically moved.

The investor should also consider that the HM Bullion he purchases will retain an established value anywhere in the world. In general, it is true to say that any citizen of any country on the globe will accept gold and silver as payment. Furthermore, unlike stocks, shares, and bonds, this investment does not depend on another party fulfilling their contractual obligations. It is a stable presence in an unstable world of investments.

Why HM coins, in particular, make for a good investment

HM Bullion possesses all the above virtues as an investment but adds to them very substantially and with its own panache. The unique coin designs turn into collectors’ items. These are sought after in their own right. Remember that each HM Bullion coin has a limited mintage. Demand for specific coins often arises and pushes up their values. Various factors could contribute to increased demand for a particular coin, but one common one is the success of a sports team or athlete. Coins commemorating the team or athlete often skyrocket in value. In other cases, certain designs gain popularity due to their beauty or iconic status.

HM Bullion comes in the form of silver rounds. These in particular are increasingly becoming choice objects for investment. One reason for this is that silver prices have dropped in recent years, making silver investment accessible and attractive to greater segments of the population. Many investors have elected for HM Bullion and for the prospect of waiting out a rise in the value of silver.

With regard to enhancing a precious metal collection, HM silver rounds are a fine choice. In purchasing these, the investor will avoid the higher premiums above the spot price of silver. Consider the 1oz. HM Silver Monkey Rounds as a quality affordable investment.

Gold bullion as an investment

Gold bullion as an investment

According to the experts, Gold Bullion is considered a well-advised investment. This partly has to do with the uniqueness of gold and what it stands for in our society. It has always been considered valuable, and one can hardly imagine a time when it wouldn’t. Its symbolism for wealth is ingrained in our society. In short, it has acquired almost an intrinsic value.

Gold Bullion is a tangible asset which, one imagines, could never depreciate to zero value. Its physicality is, indeed, one of its biggest selling points. Currencies depreciate in value and are sometimes even confiscated by the Government, but a bar of gold sits loyally in your possession without faltering.

A significant reason why HM Bullion makes such an attractive investment is that there is a constant demand for it while the world’s supply remains finite. Gold is difficult to mine and there is a fixed quantity of it in the world. Gold has risen in value by an average of 10% per year since 1970.

The best way to invest in gold is through buying HM Bullion. It is a common misconception that investing in gold-mining companies is a way of investing in gold. In fact, this is no different from investing in any other company, and the abovementioned benefits would not accrue to an investor in such a company. The same would be true with regard to ETFs.

If you possess HM Bullion, you could sell it almost any way in the world and redeem your money. There are no intermediaries required and this investment is easy and straightforward to make. The only point worth noting about bullion with regard to safety is storage. Bullion should not be stored in your house. Only small amounts of gold might be kept within your own home. Rather, it should be stored in a professional vault and not necessarily at the bank. Your bullion should be stored separately from any other assets you are storing.

Highland Mint makes the following attractive silver rounds: The Seated Liberty Round, the JFK Silver Round, the Saint-Gaudens design Silver Round, and the Super Bowl 55 Silver Round. Perhaps the most well-known design is the 1oz. Indian Silver Round, with two options: a traditional (protruding) design and incused (sunken) design.

The 2020 design of this latter coin is based on the famous Indian Head Nickel of 1913, designed by James Earl Fraser. It weighs one troy ounce and is at least 99% fine silver bullion. Another popular and striking coin is the American Silver Eagle coin. Also available is the Horse Silver Round, which commemorates the Chinese Lunar Year of the Horse. This is a limited edition for 2014 only.

We also should mention the well-known Morgan Silver Rounds and Bars. These are replicas of the Morgan Silver Dollar Coin minted in the USA in the late nineteenth century. The Morgan Silver Dollar Bar is imprinted with the bar’s weight, purity, and country of origin. On the back of the bar, there is an appealing diamond pattern. It is delivered in a sealed protective case and is a portable, low-cost, conveniently small silver investment.

Custom-made coins

HM can offer virtually any desired material for a given job. This includes a variety of precious and non-precious metals. The mint offers a range of finishes: antique, brush, and lacquer. As mentioned, HM offers assistance with all aspects of coin design and production.

For the customer who desires a perfect finish, the necessary corollary will be a higher cost and a lower output rate. For those customers who would like a token or a struck piece (bullion), the facility’s high-speed machines are used and the cost is lower. Highland Mint has an in-house tool and dies shop and skilled workmen to assist in every part of the coin-making process.

HM Bullion coins can be produced to various heights of relief. A higher relief coin requires thicker materials and greater tonnage. HM’s special presses range from 350 tons to 1600 tons. These allow for the striking of any dimension or thickness. This technology is superior in the industry.

In terms of packaging, HM offers many alternatives to suit individuals’ tastes and budgets. There are soft plastic pouches available for a nominal fee, and there is a range of standard boxes from the HM inventory. Custom-designed wood or leather boxes of various shapes and sizes are available.

HM has been producing bullion coins of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium since 1986.

Silver rounds

When considering HM Bullion as an investment, many people are unclear on the difference between bullion coins and silver rounds. The fact is that these two items come in the same sizes and shapes. Rounds, however, display no indication of monetary amounts or Government minting. These items are relatively new. Because rounds are privately minted, they are less collectible than coins. Rather, they are purchased by investors.

The reason silver rounds are a new phenomenon is that, in the past, Government restraint would have prevented the production of coins with similar sizes and shapes to Government coins. Another point is that, in our times, we are able to effectively distinguish between official and unofficial products.

Rounds are traded for their spot value or melt value. Some points are important to know regarding rounds as an investment. The passing of time will not add any appreciable value to the value of silver rounds. People are not willing to pay a high premium for silver rounds, even if they are rare. The reason HM Bullion rounds make for a fine investment is that they are a store of value. The investment is in the silver itself and not the round per se.

HM Bullion rounds are stored in fitted mint tubes in order to keep them pristine. They are considered an ideal way to invest in silver and to preserve the value of one’s wealth.

Silver bullion

Silver Bullion

Silver is considered by many to be the metal with the greatest potential for the future. A very common question investors have is: what is the best silver bullion to buy? Investing in numismatics is not really investing in silver per se, so if your aim is to invest in silver, avoid these.

One option is investing in 90% silver 10% copper US coins minted in 1964 or earlier. These are widely available, have a low premium, and are readily accepted as payment. The supply of these diminishes with the passing of time, which might push up their value. Their small size makes them difficult to counterfeit, which is why it is rare to find counterfeits of these.

Then there are coins produced by government mints. For these, there will always be a ready buyer but beware of the danger of counterfeiting.

HM Bullion Bars carry the benefit of lower premiums, due to their greater size. The premium you pay is the set price you pay above the spot price of silver. Silver coins, by contrast, offer the benefit of recognizability but will come at a higher premium.

Silver as opposed to gold.

Investing in silver HM Bullion is not an investment in the normal sense of the word. This is because it does not produce cash flow. When the US Government withdrew it from coinage in 1965, silver’s value grew and it began to resemble an investment. In 1970, it was sold at $1.80 an ounce, and in 1980 at $49.45 an ounce, thus rising 2700% in a decade. In the following five months, it dropped to about $11.

It is not a long-term growth asset. As mentioned, it is most commonly considered a way of consolidating the value of one’s wealth. In general, the value of silver either remains inert or performs exceptionally.

From 1995 to 2003, it was valued at about $5 per ounce. In 2004 it rose to $16. By the end of 2008, the price had fallen by 50%. However, in 2011 the price found itself at $50 per ounce, giving a return of more than 500% in less than years. After that, in 2014, silver was valued at $16, and in 2020 at $12.

At present, silver’s value has risen to $22 in less than six months. Indeed, during times of economic instability, the price of silver is known to rise, as in 1970 and 2008. The present time would seem to qualify for a similar prediction.

Silver HM Bullion comes with many special benefits. It is much cheaper to buy: about one sixty-fifth of the price. The range of potential silver investors is therefore much broader. Silver comes in smaller denominations than gold which makes it more convenient when it comes time to sell. It makes for a good gift, due to its relative affordability and desirable status. This status has much to do with the ancient reputation silver carries with it. It has been the human currency for many generations, much longer than paper currency.

It cannot be created from anything or similarly destroyed. Its tangibility gives it a tremendous advantage in today’s world of hacking and cybercrime. Many investors are beginning to prefer the simplicity of its physicality to other investments whose security grows more and vulnerable with the advanced use of technology in theft.

In Bull markets, the value of silver soars higher and faster than the value of gold. This is another hidden benefit of silver HM Bullion. Another point that is important to bear in mind is that, at the present time, the global supply of silver is at a record low. America, Mexico, and India are actually the only countries that warehouse silver. If we examine a country like China, we see an enormous and growing market for silver. Inevitably, the demand will meet the limitations in the supply of the metal, and silver investors will find the value of their commodity has climbed substantially.

Just to add another point on numismatics, since we are discussing the moment of investment, consider the example of US silver coins from the nineteenth century. Some of these demand in excess of $1000, which is about forty times their content value. This underlines the reality that numismatic investment is more akin to art investment than silver investment.

The values of numismatic coins do not reflect the value of silver at all. In addition, it is crucial to be aware that the prices of numismatic coins are widely argued upon. Different dealers will value them at radically different prices. This kind of instability indicates that numismatics make for good investments for experts, who are able to assess the true or lasting value of specific coins, as opposed to the average investor, who may very well find himself disappointed with the value he finds behind his coins after the passing of time.

An additional point relating to the form of one’s silver investment is that coins are traded more easily with private parties than are bullion bars. If this factor is significant for the investor, he should elect to purchase HM Bullion coins rather than bars.

Silver in industry.

Potential investors cannot afford to be unaware of the place silver occupies in modern industry. All cellphones contain a quantity of silver. Between 2017 and 2019, 5.75 billion cellphones were purchased, using 57.49 million ounces of silver. Do not forget that, in industry, when silver is used, wasted silver results as a matter of course, since it is not economical for companies to recycle it. This further reduces the world supply of silver on a perpetual basis and thus influencing its status as an investment.

Electric vehicles all use silver and, as we know, their commonality seems to be on an inevitable upturn. Silver comprises a vital part of batteries as well as solar panels. The latter item, of course, looks set to become an increasingly popular one, as it saves on power expenditures and rescues companies and individuals from relying on power grids.

Medicines in the 1920s used silver very commonly due to its antibacterial properties. Even today, after the advent of penicillin, its medical uses are being discovered by cutting-edge medical researchers. Silver is a crucial component in dentistry, LED chips, and touch screens. It is ever-present in our society and seems impossible to substitute.

The reasons for its indispensability are its high electrical conductivity and durability. Silver is irreplaceable in electronics due to its quality of resisting oxidation and erosion. It is malleable, meaning that it can be flattened into sheets, and ductile, that is, it can be drawn into wires. It can be turned into paste, ground into flakes, made into salt, and alloyed with other metals.

Remember that common electronics like computers and other appliances rely on silver components. Electrical systems need silver too. Photography relies heavily on silver. Other items one normally wouldn’t expect do, in fact, rely on silver. Engine-bearings are an example. The processes of brazing and soldering require silver. These processes are used in the fields of air-conditioning and plumbing.

More than half the demand for silver in the last five years has come from industry. One significant outcome of this is that economic growth has come to affect silver prices more than gold.

In terms of other sources of demand, it shouldn’t be forgotten that silver possesses decorative and symbolic importance in many of the world’s cultures. The fact that jewelry is made from silver makes it desirable in its own right, irrespective of other factors. Silver possesses a high luster and reflectivity, making it very attractive and suiting it for use in a wide variety of jewelry and as mirrors. Silver is also widely used within the household, for example in the arena of tableware. This metal has a reputation for quality and carries with it a superior status.

What about gold?

Gold also plays an active part in our everyday lives and is, in certain ways, irreplaceable. In the medical field, it is used to treat arthritis and for the production of surgical instruments. It is also used to treat a condition that affects the ability of the eyelids to close. As we know, it is utilized in dentistry very commonly. This is due to its anti-corrosive and durable properties.

The glass of skyscrapers is often coated with gold so as to reflect radiation and keep the buildings cool. The metal also lends a pleasing ruby color to these structures. Just like silver, it is widely used in electronics in order to make connectors, switches, relay contacts, and wires. It is a very efficient conductor of electricity.

Space crafts use gold as do the visors of astronauts’ helmets. Gold does not tarnish and can be fashioned into detailed shapes. This brings us to the most common use of gold. 78% of the world’s gold is used for jewelry. Its associations are health, wealth, and prosperity. And, like silver, it has been involved in a long-term relationship with mankind.

Gold is used for gilding too. It is a versatile metal that is easy to use. Even satellites our society relies upon containing gold within them. The US Government used to maintain a Gold Standard, which was a stockpile of gold to back up all paper money. According to this system, the owner of any paper bill would be able to use it to claim the corresponding quantity of gold. This system is no longer in use, but the fact remains that gold signifies actual wealth in western society.

Gold in the future.

Gold in the future

The value of gold, in the form of HM Bullion, will be affected by fascinating new trends in the field of medicine. The latest medical utilization of gold makes use of gold nanoparticles. This kind of technology can be used to improve drug delivery, gene therapy, tumor detection, and radiotherapy.

Recently, scientists have discovered the possibility of producing artificial saliva for people with conditions impeding saliva secretion. This makes use of some of the unique qualities of gold particles. Damaged skin and tissue are treated with gold. Even heart disease is treated with gold particles. One particularly promising medical avenue in this regard is that of antiviral treatments. Viruses from HIV to Ebola might potentially be combated with the use of gold.

The consequence of all this, according to expert predictions, is going to be compound growth in the value of gold nanoparticles. These and other fascinating directions should inform the investor’s decisions regarding investment in gold HM Bullion.

The value of your HM Bullion will be affected by demand from companies, as well as by trends like economic instability. In fact, the very ‘safe haven’ investment status of gold increases its price. It is true that the price of bullion can tend to fluctuate, but, looking toward the future, which is admittedly obscured, gold and silver bullion do seem to outshine many of their competitors as a preserver of wealth and a stalwart presence in the midst of economic and political turmoil.

Gold and silver retain an enduring place in our society as a signifier of wealth, and as a storehouse of value. In these times, many of us seek to make the most responsible choices possible with our savings. HM Bullion continues to offer a very attractive and stable option in the form of its high-quality bullion bars and coins.

Compared with stocks, bonds, and shares, many investors feel that bullion is going to become more and more fashionable and advisable as an investment in the future. It remains a hedge against unstable currencies and fluctuation, and it removes the danger of cybercrime from one’s wealth with elegant simplicity. Transferring it is easy and cost-free. And selling it is quick and pain-free in most of the world today. For all these reasons, silver and gold do indeed function very effectively even in today’s world as a storer of value. It does seem inevitable that the value of bullion will rise in the coming times.

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