Nutty Soccer Mom Must Study Islam After Pointing A Gun At Muslims

A woman who committed a hate crime in May 2015 must study Islam as a result. Why? Well, the issue harkens back to the nature of her terroristic behaviors last year.

Nancy Kay Knoble thought she was perfectly within her rights as a white American citizen to walk over to a parked car and aim a rifle at the couple inside. That’s because Adly Ohalley and his wife Worood Abumayaleh were Muslims. As reported by MPR, Ohalley and Abumayaleh were sitting in their car waiting to pick up their son from a friend’s house when they were confronted by Knoble — and her rifle.

“Suddenly a lady came with a rifle,” Abumayaleh said. “Knocking very very hard. And she said, ‘Open the window or I’ll kill you. Open the window.’ And I was scared, I couldn’t even call 911 or do anything. I just froze, my brain froze … [I] just said, ‘Maybe she’s going to kill us now.’”

In case you didn’t know, the above would be described as TERROR. It’s not an emotion reserved for the conservative Christian Fox News crowd. Terror can be felt by any rational human being minding their damn business when some unhinged lunatic threatens them with a deadly weapon.

Speaking of which, Nancy proceeded to interrogate the horrified couple, demanding to know what Muslims were doing in HER neighborhood.

“I told her that we are picking up our son from this house. She said, ‘What house?’ I said, ‘This house,’” Ohalley told her.

But the woman didn’t believe them. “So she came around with her rifle, point[ed] it at me, and said, ‘Get out of the car, and move in front of me to the house to prove that your son’s in there,’” Ohalley said. “So she put the gun on my back.”

Yep, you read that correctly. This Dudley Do-Wrong, a woman who was high on hate and bad action movies, thought nothing of marching an unarmed man to a house so he could prove he wasn’t a Muslim terrorist. The couple’s son came out as the pair approached the garage, and his father had to calmly explain that they were being held at gunpoint by this woman.

Imagine the pain and insanity of that moment: Having to calmly explain to your child that some stranger is holding you hostage for no other reason than her hatred. Only after the bigot in question realizes that they’re not ISIS does she let the matter go, attempting to explain away her hurtful actions by claiming her weapon was just “a pellet gun.”

Knoble will likely have to interact with REAL Muslims, and not the versions of them fed to her by hate mongers like Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

That wasn’t good enough for Hennepin County law enforcement. The 49-year-old was arrested for making terroristic threats, but the story doesn’t end there. MPR followed up the story on Thursday, the day Knoble was sentenced for her horrible behavior.

Hennepin County District Court Judge William Koch let Nancy Kay Knoble know that her hateful actions “had an impact on an entire community.” He then gave her a rather unique sentence. First, Koch sentenced the woman to 45 days in jail; she would be eligible for electronic monitoring after about 15 days. Knoble was also sentenced to three years of probation, during which time she would not be allowed to vote. I’m sure the Teabagger crowd will weep bitterly over her lost ballot.

Finally, and most importantly, Koch ordered Knoble to take part in “a cultural awareness program to learn more about the Islamic faith.” In short, she must study Islam, learn its history, and about the people who practice it. Knoble will likely have to interact with REAL Muslims, and not the versions of them fed to her by hate mongers like Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

We can only hope this punishment will allow this woman to realize what a truly god awful thing she did to this family. Sadly, even this punishment might not be enough.

Question: Should a court order saying someone must study Islam be mandatory for hate crimes like this or would it potentially be a violation of the constitution?

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