Former Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke, who is accused of murdering Laquan McDonald, was rehired by the police union three weeks ago as a janitor. Despite the fact that the Chicago PD already tried to cover up this incident and got caught, they apparently decided to bring the accused back into the fold while he awaits trial.

Others Have Lost Jobs With Police Department Over Same Incident

The truly bizarre aspect of this hiring is that this incident was so dirty and bungled the police chief was fired. You can’t help but ask, why were other people fired but the accused murderer is given another job?

The union stated it would do the same for any of its members and Van Dyke has not been able to hold a job due to the charges. They stated he is in a “very difficult situation, financially” and have decided to protect their member.

Protecting Van Dyke seems ridiculous, considering his record. The McDonald killing was not the first (or second, or even third) heinous incident Van Dyke was involved in. In fact, his record is quite long:

[T]he veteran officer has had at least 15 complaints filed against him while working in high-crime neighborhoods, for accusations including using racial epithets and pointing a gun at an arrestee without justification.

In 2007, the officer was involved in a traffic stop in which he and his partner were found to have used excessive force on a man with no prior convictions, leading to a $350,000 award for damages in the case.

Chicago PD’s attempt to cover up this case is disgraceful. Van Dyke claimed McDonald came at the officers with a knife and swung aggressively at them . Van Dyke’s partner corroborated his story despite the fact Van Dyke was the only officer out of eight on the scene to discharge his weapon. The video, which the department fought to keep from the public, proved these accounts to be blatant lies.

While it is true that most police officers do their jobs correctly, there needs to be accountability for when an officer breaks the law. America has a police violence problem that the numbers show doesn’t happen in many other advanced countries. The answers to this problem will vary, but they certainly do not include rehiring an accused murderer when others have paid for his actions with their careers.

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