Disturbing details are emerging about the shooting of a man by police in Ferguson Missouri, at protests marking the one year anniversary of the killing of Mike Brown. Early reports suggest that a gun battle broke out between plainclothes police officers, and civilians, during which the St. Louis County Police Department shot a man, possibly in self defense, and then allowed him to lay bleeding without medical care, while held at gunpoint.

Video of the actual gun battle from RT.com is inconclusive as to which party fired first, plain clothes officers, or civilians. But what is clear is that shots were fired back and forth.

USA Today is reporting that a male shot by police is in Critical condition, and undergoing surgery, according to St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar. Meanwhile, local news channel KMOV reports that a black teen has been arrested in connection with the gunfire.

Michael Skolnik, President of Global Grind and a board member of the Trayvon Martin Foundation tweeted details about the victim being a male whose grieving girlfriend was on the scene. Skolnik’s Twitter feed contained reports of the distraught girlfriend being carried across the road by authorities. And USA Today reports of a female crying out that her brother was shot. Both details seem to be confirmed by video, from Russia Today.

Jon Swaine, a senior reporter for the Guardian, tweeted that he heard that the shooting was an “officer involved shooting” over police radio. Swain also reports that immediately following the shooting, the police force rolled out the same kind of militarized vehicles they used a year ago, to the condemnation of the world – including the US Justice Department.

Even more disturbingly, in a set of shocking videos posted by Twitter user @Search4Swag, police hold the victim at gunpoint as he bleeds, making no attempt at providing any kind of medical care.

And then, for the apparent crime of calling upon officers not to just stand by and watch the man bleed out, @Search4Swag was arrested, violently.

“Get him some help! Get him some help,” the bystander demands before being attacked and arrested, “you see he’s bleeding, he’s still alive man! You know he’s still alive!”

In video from the scene shot by a CNN camera crew doing an interview with the interim Ferguson PD Chief, multiple gunshots can be heard. CNN’s Sara Sidner reports “tears and screaming” followed.

Raw video from the Associated Press shows officers taking cover during the gunfire.

By the way…

… point taken.

Update: Ferguson police declare protest is no longer peaceful, threaten use of chemical weapons on crowd.

Update: Pastor Cori Bush tweets that police have deployed tear gas and are firing rubber bullets at protesters who they have blocked in.

Tear gas seen rising over the streets of Ferguson, amid gunfire, reportedly of rubber bullets fired by police. Filmed by Ferguson township Commiteewoman Patricia Bynes (D).

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