George Zimmerman ‘Tells All’ In New Interview, The Way Only A Racist Lunatic Can

What happens when you combine the vile racism of Donald Trump, the gleeful douchebaggery of Martin Shkreli, the penchant for ultra-violence of Ted Nugent, and give it Ted Cruz’s social skills? You end up with a walking toilet, filled to the brim with hate-infused fecal matter which it spills all over the place whenever it tries to talk. But you probably know it better by its street name: George Zimmerman.

For inexplicable reasons no one will ever be able to provide to us, George Zimmerman was recently interviewed by Las Vegas’ KTNV. You’re probably trying to imagine just how bad Zimmerman could possibly behave during said interview. I’m pretty sure your imagination is underselling it.

Zimmerman, who stalked, shot, and killed Trayvon Martin only to somehow get away with it, made headlines recently after putting the pistol he used in said killing on auction. KTNV decided it would be a good idea to interview Zimmerman in the wake of that story.

Smoking a cigar all throughout the interview, Zimmerman nosedived quickly into his best efforts to give every radical right-wing fringer in America the biggest freedom-boners imaginable, rambling for half an hour about Hillary Clinton, #BlackLivesMatter, President Obama, and more. Had he been painting a portrait of Ronald Reagan in the background, the GOP probably would have recruited him as Donald Trump’s running mate already.

The interview begins with Zimmerman talking semi-coherently about the firearm sale itself, but it didn’t take long for the crazy to start coming out. Roughly eight minutes in, Zimmerman says that he wanted to sell the gun because he “was tired of Hillary Clinton’s anti-gun rhetoric,” claiming that Clinton had lied and has been “stumping around for a false campaign with a Trayvon Martin foundation.”

A short time later, Zimmerman attacks the #BlackLivesMatter movement, referring to them as “pansies” and noting what he calls “their violent campaign,” ignoring the fact that no violence has ever actually been linked to said movement. But hey, you weren’t expecting George Zimmerman to show up equipped with facts, were you? Or a functional adult brain?

“It wasn’t the police officers that have been affected by the protestors, it was the police officers that have been affected by their violent campaign. The protestors are just smoke screens for their violence and their true agenda. I mean, Baltimore’s a great example. The mayor absolutely gave them permission to protest and burn down their own city, and they sure as hell did it.”

At one point, Zimmerman is asked if he feels responsible for the rise of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, an opportunity to attack Obama that Zimmerman wasn’t going to pass up.

“No, you’re talking about Barack ‘Hussein’ Obama igniting racial tensions in America. Race was never an issue, and race certainly isn’t an issue in the firearm sale. Race was injected by Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the moronic Benjamin Crump […] I mean, if you want to talk about people who’ve capitalized or attempted to capitalize off of Trayvon’s death, aside from his parents […] they were so racist they judged me just off my last name.”

Tell us George, is that as racist or more racist than following an unarmed black kid around a neighborhood because he’s black and wearing a hoodie, and then shooting him to death after you confront that kid and he beats you up in self defense? Just curious.

The full video can be viewed above at the start of this article. Just make sure you have some aspirin nearby and a pillow to scream into.  Oh, and some nose plugs, because again, George Zimmerman is a walking, talking toilet. If this video proves anything, it’s definitely that.

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