Giuliani's BS: Trump-Russia Probe Deadline 'Made Up' -- White House Panicking

Giuliani’s BS: Trump-Russia Probe Deadline ‘Made Up’ — White House Panicking

This Sunday, President Trump’s new personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani started making the rounds on television again presenting a ridiculous defense. When Giuliani first started publicly defending Trump in April he reportedly did a lot more damage than expected, frustrating the President even more, especially under a looming investigation over the White House by special prosecutor Robert Mueller. The President had to make a statement to the press to apologize for his new lawyer fumbling their talking points.

At the same time, the attorney for Stormy Daniels — the porn star who is currently suing President Trump and his former personal attorney Michael Cohen — paralleled a raid conducted by authorities referred by Robert Mueller’s team on Trump’s former personal lawyer’s properties, collecting vasts amount of information that could further incriminate Trump. Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, has also taken to television to not only go after Trump, but Giuliani as well, and revealed more details of their case which has done some very real damage to the White House, leaving the administration trembling with fear.

It’s been clear, however, with Giuliani’s latest media appearances, that the White House is looking to drag out this fight against such cases. Case in point: Giuliani trying to exert pressure on the Special Counsel, by claiming that he was told by Robert Mueller that the investigation over obstruction of justice would end by the 1st of September. Of course, there’s no doubt that the White House has been speaking with Mueller’s team in order to negotiate around a potential subpoena, but everyone with an ounce of common sense is questioning that claim.

It’s already been reported that the Special Counsel would like to conduct a face to face interview with the President which Giuliani is clearly trying to avoid, threatening to take control of Mueller’s line of questioning, accusing the Special Counsel of trying to trap the President into perjury. But these extended displays are no doubt evidence of the President’s consciousness of guilt.

Giuliani is a walking, fumbling panic attack

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Soon after Giuliani claimed that Mueller had given him that deadline, legal experts were out saying that a Special Prosecutor would never give a deadline to those being investigated of their investigation. This was further confirmed in a report by Reuters which quoted an unnamed source close to the Mueller probe who said:

He’ll wrap it up when he (Robert Mueller) thinks he’s turned over every rock.

Saying “turned over every rock” could also be interpreted by those who have been watching these reports as the best place to find Trump’s associates, as lowlifes are generally found underneath rocks. That’s also a reference to “leaving no stone unturned” or that their investigation is thorough. But the source also added that it would depend on the cooperation of witnesses and other targets they turn up and the evidence, not some:

“…first-of-the-month deadline one of the president’s attorney’s cooks up.”

This could also be interpreted as a dig at the President’s shoddy legal team that’s well known for “cooking up” fraudulent claims. And It’s quite obvious in this and in every defense the White House has that they’re in a constant panic mode. Just look at the administration’s mouthpiece Giuliani and his deadline claim? It’s just another panic attack from a series of hostile defenses presented over the weekend. Such as during a 40-minute interview on CNN with Chris Cuomo, when Giuliani was confronted with video of himself presenting the counter argument to his current argument, causing a desperate Giuliani to have an outburst calling that somehow “unfair”.

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In that addition to the many misleading and distracting statements made by Trump’s defense, Giuliani had said quite boldly that the President could not be subpoenaed or indicted. But Cuomo played a clip of another interview Giuliani did with Charlie Rose in 1998 where the Trump shill said outright that a sitting president could actually be subpoenaed and that he was not above the law. Giuliani’s partisan bias against Democrats is also apparent in the clip, as Bill Clinton was president then and under investigation over a sex scandal, in a spectacle that was a true “witch hunt”, and has been fodder for Republican rhetoric ever since.

Here is that clip. Also, watch for how proud Rudy is when Cuomo lathers him up:

As we can see, the current attorney and former New York mayor became unhinged when Cuomo showed the footage that exposes him as the hypocrite that he is. He then personally attacked the anchor saying, that that kind of thing was one of the reasons people didn’t like to be on his show.

Consciousness of guilt

Give Giuliani A Break — It’s Not His Fault Trump Is A Liar, Surrounded By Liars

It so happens that consciousness of guilt actually holds up in court. For weeks since Giuliani has publicly gone to defend the President and rival attorneys such as Avenatti and even legal nerd Ari Melber, have said that they don’t know what happened to the former New York prosecutor. They’ve said that he used to be a “tough guy” going after the mafia and that he used to be a great prosecutor but seems to have lost his mind in his defense for Trump.

In the CNN clip above, even Chris Cuomo lamented on how much Giuliani had changed since he knew him. Cuomo’s late father Mario Cuomo was Democratic governor of New York State and was endorsed by Rudy, who has even said that he had to regain his party’s trust because of that endorsement. And so, it seems “America’s Mayor”, as he was called after the 9/11 attacks, has now lost his way.

And certainly, something is way off, when Trump’s lawyer when every defense he’s made for the President is a blatant red flag of their consciousness of guilt. To get a good look as to how the consciousness of guilt could be used against the Trump team, American attorney and journalist Seth Abramson tweeted about the President’s guilt as early as a month following his inauguration.

Occupy Democrats said that they spoke with Abramson on this issue last year, where they said that even law enforcement recognizes some behaviors as evidence of guilt when a crime has been committed. The article breaks down 12 signs of consciousness of guilt that we’ve already seen from the President. Here are those tweets from the criminal attorney you can use to compare.

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Sadly it’s already been established throughout the legal world that consciousness of guilt is circumstantial and not usually used as direct evidence for prosecution on its own merits. Nonetheless, we’re that much closer to having something on the public record, that could be used against Trump and his house of snakes.

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