Horrific Images From 'Total War' Against Standing Rock Demonstrators Detail Ruthless Barbarity

Horrific Images From ‘Total War’ Against Standing Rock Demonstrators Detail Ruthless Barbarity

To LEO agencies…you have just openly declared war.’

Demonstrators at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation were met with brutal and unnecessary force from law enforcement as Sunday turned into Monday, as users on social media captured the carnage first-hand. Armed with nothing but passion and placards, those protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) were confronted by a well-equipped force when they attempted to remove a roadblock.

The most disturbing imagery comes from a Facebook user called Remi Graber, who shared graphic imagery of severe wounds suffered by her friend:

Users on twitter shared equally intimidating and imposing photos from the clash:


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According to NBC News, the issue of the roadblock is one of a broken promise:

Protestors say that the clashes began when they tried to remove a roadblock on a bridge north of their Oceti Sakowin “Water Protector” Camp. The roadblock, composed in part of burned-out trucks, has blocked the main route to the city of Bismarck since late October.

“The negotiation from law enforcement stated that they were going to remove them for their emergency services to get through … to Bismarck. It’s been 2.5 weeks, maybe 3, and they still haven’t kept their word on that,” said E’sha Hoferer,who live-streamed the clashes on Facebook.

Black Elk said the roadblock was an inconvenience and posed a risk for emergency personnel trying to access the protest camp.


One can only imagine what kind of a crackdown on the demonstration will take place under a President with a vested interest in the pipeline.



Featured Image Courtesy of ABC News on Twitter.com