Kim Davis Hearing Ends In Handcuffs: She's Going To Jail, Folks!

Kim Davis Hearing Ends In Handcuffs: She’s Going To Jail, Folks!

Rowan County, Ky. clerk (and unapologetic hypocrite) Kim Davis has called the bluff of the wrong judge. On Thursday morning, Davis was summoned to the courthouse at Ashland by US District Judge David Bunning to explain why she continued to refuse to issue marriage licenses. When asked to explain herself by a frustrated couple on Tuesday morning, Kim said she was acting under “God’s authority”.

If that’s the answer she gave Bunning at Ashland, then it’s unsurprising that she was soon thereafter found in contempt of court.

WSAZ reporter Dan Griffin said that he saw Kim Davis taken into custody by a pair of U.S. Marshals.
This story is breaking, so the particulars are only starting to trickle out (and that being the BIG one). An additional interesting tidbit did come out while Kim Davis was in court. Apparently, Kim Davis is something of a feared bully in her office. Despite her claims of persecution, ThinkProgress learned that a few of her deputies reportedly confessed (anonymously) that they would be more than happy to issue marriage licenses to whoever.

Fear of Davis kept them silent.

The immediate concern in the aftermath of this situation is what it means for marriage licenses issued in Rowan County. ThinkProgress notes that, by Kentucky law, if the county clerk is absent or unable to do their duties, they can be carried out by the county’s judge-executive. The BBC also reports that her deputies were given the “okay” to issue licenses. If they fail to comply, Bunning made it very clear that they too could be jailed.

As for Kim Davis, it’s very likely that things are only going to get more bleak from here on. With a judge having already thrown her in jail, there’s no reason to expect the multiple lawsuits against Kim to go her way. It would be easy to blame her bad karma solely on her decision to be a bigot and a hypocrite. However, much of her ongoing trouble seems to boil down to the shady legal advice she’s received from her lawyers.

The Liberty Counsel is supposed to be representing Kim Davis in this matter and making decisions that are in the best interest of their client. Can anyone honestly argue that that’s happened with Kim Davis? Instead of a sane (or at least successful) defense, it’s pretty clear she’s instead being used by this anti-gay organization as part of a desperate scheme to undo the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling.

I’d almost feel sorry for Davis if she weren’t a hateful hypocrite actively trying to discriminate against others. Lack of pity aside, I do hope that Kim Davis will wake up to the fact that she’s obligated to leave her job if she doesn’t want to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. Sure, I think Davis should be impeached, but if she has a sincere emotional conflict — and that’s a big “if” — there’s a simple alternative. Rather than issue the licenses herself, Kim Davis need only have someone else in her office handle the situation while she stands aside.

Even uber-conservative Lindsey Graham told Davis to do her job or resign, but she still refused. This lack of sensible behavior seems to boil down to a vendetta that is failing in an increasingly hilarious manner. At the very least, perhaps Kim Davis should pray for better legal representation.

Prior to standing before the judge, Kim Davis was pretty defiant, allegedly claiming that she was “willing to go to jail for her beliefs”. Except, that’s not why a judge ordered Kim Davis jailed for contempt of court. Though she, her supporters, and more than a few Republican politicians will attempt to claim this, it’s just not the case.

Kim Davis is an elected public official who took an oath before entering office. She broke that oath and — thanks to the Supreme Court denying her appeal — doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on.

She disobeyed a judge’s order and was punished for it.

It’s easy for Kim Davis and her ilk to act like not getting their way is some form of persecution. If that’s the case, toddlers are “persecuted” all across America every day. Sorry (but not sorry), Kim Davis: One’s religious beliefs are not a mystical permission slip to intentionally discriminate against others and suffer no consequences for doing so.

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More importantly, “separation of Church and State” means that we do not live in a Christian theocracy. It is true that the First Amendment of the Constitution allows a Christian to hold office, but…

“Freedom of Religion” as guaranteed by our Constitution doesn’t enable Christians to use government positions to break the law “in the name of God.”

So no… Kim Davis is not the “first Christian to go to jail for opposing gay marriage.” She’s just an elected official who was imprisoned for breaking the law. In her case, she hoped hiding behind Christianity would let her get away with it.


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