Trump’s Buddy Putin Isn’t Going To Get Away With Election Interference Under Obama’s Watch

Well, finally someone is doing something about the email hack on the DNC and Hillary Clinton that plagued the 2016 election, seeing as president-elect Trump has no interest in doing it.

Yes, thankfully, Barack Obama is still the POTUS, and as Politico reports, he is taking leadership by ordering a full review of election interference through email hacking.

Lisa Monaco, Obama’s counterterrorism and homeland security adviser, made the announcement after there have been calls from many Democrats as well as Republicans like John McCain and Michael McCaul.

“We may be crossed into a new threshold and it is incumbent upon us to take stock of that, to review, to conduct some after-action, to understand what this means, what has happened and to impart those lessons learned.”

Darn straight. The main culprit appears to be Russia, even though Donald Trump has repeatedly refused to accept that Putin had anything to do with it despite assurances from intelligence agencies of both the US and allied countries that Putin had EVERYTHING to do with it.

The Guardian points out that this is not an “effort to challenge the outcome of the election.”  Deputy White House Press Secretary Eric Schultz made that point clear on Friday, but said the review would be in-depth and go back almost a decade through three presidential elections.

“These agencies will have to take a look at what we saw in 2008, 2012 and 2016. This is going to be a deep dive. This is a review that will be broad and deep at the same time. They’re going to look at where the activity leads them to look at.”
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Obama is clearly bothered by the idea that there has been outside interference in American elections, and part of his legacy will include getting to the bottom of these claims.

“This is a huge priority … I think the president wanted this done under his watch because he takes it very seriously. This is something the president has been watching closely for eight years now. We’re going to make public as much as we can. As you can imagine, something like this might include sensitive and even classified information. When that report is submitted we’re going to take a look. We want to brief Congress and the relevant stakeholders, possible state directors.”

This will come as good news to Republican Senator Lindsey Graham who is committed to going after Russia over the hacking scandal, as Talking Points Memo reports.

“I am going to lead the charge to investigate Russia’s role, not only in the elections but throughout the world. So I’m going after Russia in every way we can go after Russia. I think they’re one of the most destabilizing influences on the world stage. I think they did interfere with our elections, and I want Putin personally to pay a price.”

This goes completely against Donald Trump’s “Hey, can’t we just get along with Russia?” approach that seems to involve praising Putin and protecting him from any charges of wrong doing.

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