REPORT: Jeff Sessions Offers To Resign

REPORT: Jeff Sessions Offers To Resign

 friction between Sessions and Trump is taking its toll

The last few weeks has been tough for Donald Trump. He’s had to face a lackluster trip overseas, Russians around every corner, a Justice Department he obviously  can’t stand and  expanding criminal investigations into several key former and current aides.  It’s been  hard to do the job of the president. According to a CNN report, ever since Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia Probe, things have been tense between he and the president. One official says the AG went so far as to offer to resign if Trump didn’t want him there.  The President has been pretty critical recently of Sessions’ Justice Department regarding the travel ban.

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James Comey’s looming testimony is on Thursday .  Trump’s travel ban is set to be argued in the Supreme Court. A lot of moving parts within Trump’s administration seem to be coming loose. When asked, Trump spokesman Sean Spicer wouldn’t say if the White House has lost faith in it’s AG.  Spicer wouldn’t budge, even after being continually pressed on the issue,

“I have not had a discussion with him about that…If I have not had a discussion with him about a subject I tend not to speak about it”

The White House, as of last night, still offered no indication of support or criticism of Sessions. Officials say the soft stepping is to avoid a replay of past situations where the White House took the position of standing behind someone , like Michael Flynn for instance,only to turn around and force that person’s resignation.   As the first senator to endorse the candidate, Sessions kick-started Trump’s support in the senate. But behind closed doors aides say Sessions is as frustrated with the president as Trump apparently is with him.  So far, Sessions remains in office at the DOJ and a spokesperson there says he has no intention of leaving.

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