Scarborough: Trump is 'Impotent' on Mass Shootings and 'the Consequences are Bloody'

Scarborough: Trump is ‘Impotent’ on Mass Shootings and ‘the Consequences are Bloody’

Joe Scarborough, a former Republican Congressman, and now host of Morning Joe on MSNBC is one of the normally conservative voices who has started to sound downright liberal in the Trump administration we’re living through. On Friday he spoke out forcefully on why President Trump and other Republicans like Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Florida Senator Marco Rubio are “impotent” when it comes to standing up to the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Scarborough started by playing a heart rending video of the distraught mother of one of the victims of the Valentine’s day Parkland school massacre desperately imploring President Trump to “do something” to protect American families. Then he pointedly put forward the fact that the President seems to have no problem speaking out, jumping to conclusions, and even coming up with wildly extreme solutions to violence whenever it doesn’t involve guns – but is muzzled when it does.

He made a point of highlighting the fact that many of those targeted by mass shooters in recent months have been members of traditionally conservative communities. Country music fans in Las Vegas. Christian church-goers in Texas. And still Republicans like Trump, Ryan and Rubio wash their hands of the blood “like Pontius Pilate” in the Bible.

Scarborough then pointed out that the NRA lobbies Congress with a massive financial war chest, pressing lawmakers to support an agenda which is far more extreme than most conservatives in this country support – and buying them off. Calling out Florida’s own Marco Rubio for accepting over three million dollars from the NRA and for backing down to the more extremist Republican base not just on guns, but also on immigration, Scarborough said “I know you’re scared of your base, you proved that in your abandonment of the Dreamers” but now is time to show political courage.

Perhaps one of the points Scarborough made that would resonate most with mainstream conservatives was pointing out that President Ronald Reagan, and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, both among the most revered conservative figures of the past half century, both opposed unfettered access to all forms of military firearms. And that were either of them alive today, they would tell conservatives they are being lied to by the NRA, and the politicians who have sold their souls to them.

Watch Joe Scarborough Passionately Call for Action on Mass Shootings:

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