The Best People? Twitter Thrashes Trump's Judicial Nominee for His Sheer, Shocking Incompetence

The Best People? Twitter Thrashes Trump’s Judicial Nominee for His Sheer, Shocking Incompetence

Matthew Spencer Peterson literally knew nothing when testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee — Twitter Quickly Took Note.

When you’ve had as many questionable nominees for federal positions as Donald Trump has had, it’s hard to rise head and shoulders above anyone else in terms of being severely unqualified. But US District Judge Nominee Matthew Spencer Peterson managed to do just that. After a video shared by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) of Peterson’s inability to answer Senator John Kennedy’s (R-LA) basic legal questions went viral, users on Twitter swiftly pointed out the ludicrous nature of Peterson even being nominated, let alone having the possibility of being confirmed to the federal bench.

As Newsweek succinctly points out:

Petersen tells Kennedy that he has never tried a case to verdict as a lawyer, including criminal and civil cases, cases heard by a jury or cases in state or federal court. He also said he had not invested “on a day-to-day” basis in understanding the procedures of civil cases, which he would need to navigate as a federal judge and that trial attorneys do on a regular basis.

The Twitter Response Shellacked The Trump Pick

The legal community on Twitter couldn’t hide their disgust:

Some users sarcastically said he was over-qualified in comparison to other Trump nominees:

One quick-thinker immediately ran to Wikipedia (edit since removed):

Some noticed the irony of Trump’s mounting legal woes:

And most people just called it like they saw it:

The Senate has yet to vote down any Trump judicial nominees to this point. If ever there was a time for them to take their duty seriously, it would begin with the consideration of Matthew Spencer Peterson.

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