BREAKING: Appeals Court Rules Against Trump's Muslim Ban (VIDEO)

BREAKING: Appeals Court Rules Against Trump’s Muslim Ban (VIDEO)

Trump Loses

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals just announced their decision (pdf) on Donald Trump’s Muslim ban. It is a unanimous decision against reinstating the ban. All three judges, including the Bush appointee, agreed with the “so-called judge” James Robart.

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CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin called it “a total and complete repudiation” of Trump’s case. It will now likely be appealed to the Supreme Court which is still functioning with only eight justices. If it comes to a tie, the decision by the this appeals court will stand.

Trump spent days fear mongering about this and even sought to blame any future terrorist acts on Judge Robart. Now he has three more judges he can blame. Trump has already responded on Twitter (of course) with an all caps expression of outrage:

CNN announces the decision

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Featured Image screengrab from CNN video.