'I'm with Her': America - and Twitter - Fell in Love with Sally Yates During Senate Hearing

‘I’m with Her’: America – and Twitter – Fell in Love with Sally Yates During Senate Hearing

When America Met Sally

America fell in love with Sally Yates during the Senate hearing held on Monday.

She was cool. Level-headed. Sally Yates refused to be intimidated. And, with her mild Southern draw and unflappable persona, she took down senator after senator who tried to bully her – and she did it with even-tempered logic and reason. She wasn’t there to play politics. She was there to clarify why she went to the White House Counsel, and with what concerns she presented them.

That was all. And it was enough.

And during a time when American leadership seems alternately juvenile and dangerous, Yates reminded us that there are still people who put country before party. In fact, there are already calls for her to run for office.

Plenty of folks took notice…and you know it sent Trump into a rage.

Sally Yates was a force to be reckoned with – and there were plenty who tried, to no avail.

Senators desperately tried to smear her. Republicans tried to make it seem as though her motivations were politically driven, although she has been hired and promoted by both Republicans and Democrats. But she remained unfazed – because that’s what happens when a person has principles guided by morals rather than politics, and sticks by them.

And then there was this exchange, between Sally Yates and Senator Ted Cruz, that I could seriously watch on repeat, forever. There is no way he is going to be able to recover from  this, because he has nothing to stand upon. Cruz, who has long since touted himself as some sort of legal eagle and constitutional genius, got completely schooled in both law and constitution.

Sally Yates Reminds Us What We Could Be

Sally Yates has stepped into a void that has yet to be filled. She exemplifies patriotism. With her measured, reasoned responses, she made the condescending men who tried to bring her down look exactly like what they are – condescending men desperate to bring her down. In t heir headlong attempts to make her look bad, they ended up looking unfit and unreasonable.

In the wake of Hillary Clinton, Sally Yates once again reminds America that yes, there is absolutely a need for women to march. Watching the way men attempted to speak down to a strong, educated, capable woman is plenty of reason, after all. But, at the same time, there is no shortage of these strong, capable, fierce women.

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We just need to actually elect them.

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