Violence at the RNC? Hey, that would be great for Donald Trump’s campaign. Or at least Paul Manafort, his campaign chairman seems to think so.

Manafort told Bloomberg Politics that protests at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland were evidence of “lawlessness” and a “lack of respect.”

Violence May Boost The “Law And Order” Candidate, Manafort Says

There’s already been plenty of chaos, especially since delegates tried to stage a last minute revolt against Trump. However, if things do get violent, it will play into Trump’s hands—especially since the theme for the convention on Monday was  “Make America Safe Again,” and Trump now calls himself the “law and order” candidate.

As for the protests, “Frankly that impact will probably help the campaign,” Manafort said.

Protests “won’t disrupt inside the hall,” Manafort said, adding that he hopes the gathering will “expand awareness of who Donald Trump is,” including some less well known aspects of his personality—including his generosity and soft-heartedness. Manafort wasn’t stifling a snicker when he said that.

“During the primaries he was a first-time candidate and he only focused on part of his personality,” Manafort said. “We’re not changing him, we’re just expanding” what voters will see.

Violence at Trump rallies has generally seemed to benefit his standing in the polls, Manafort said, tweeted one Bloomberg reporter.

Manafort says protests in CLE will help Trump campaign, says that violence at previous rallies have ultimately helped Trump in polls

— Michael C. Bender (@MichaelCBender) July 18, 2016

In a career that has spanned 40 years as a lobbyist and political consultant, Manafort and his firms have advised business groups with connections to the late Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos; Viktor Yanukovych, who was ousted as Ukrainian president and is an ally of Vladimir Putin; and former Bahamian prime minister Lynden Pindling, who was accused of having links to drug traffickers, The Washington Post reports.

Indeed, for Manafort, the RNC goings-on is another form of limelight.

“This is the ultimate reality show. It’s the presidency of the United States.”

But if Trump is elected, it’s a reality show with real and possibly dangerous effects. He’s a man who supports violence, as we’ve heard and seen during many of his rallies.

Last year, when a black protester was beaten up after disrupting a rally, Trump said the protester got what he deserved. Do we really want a president who is an unrepentant racist dealing with racially charged crises in the U.S. and abroad?

You can watch Manafort’s comments regarding violence and the RNC below.

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