'American Idiot' Skyrockets Up British Music Charts In Advance of Trump's UK Visit

‘American Idiot’ Skyrockets Up British Music Charts In Advance of Trump’s UK Visit

‘Welcome to a New Kind of Tension’, President Trump

If a giant, diapered “baby Trump” blimp doesn’t send Donald Trump the message about exactly how our longstanding allies feel about him, perhaps perusing British music charts will do the trick. Two days before the president is scheduled to land in London, an ironic blast from the past has become the number one downloaded song off of Amazon in the United Kingdom: Green Day’s iconic 2004 hit “American Idiot”. And Amazon’s not the only music provider suddenly providing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame punk band with unexpected royalties.

According to HuffPost, the anthem from the peak of anti-Bush sentiment is performing well across the digital music spectrum:

Chart Data also reported that the song has cracked the Top 20 on Britain’s official singles chart midway through the charting week. It’s also been popping in and out of the Top 10 and 20 on iTunes’ singles chart for the past few days.

While this happened organically, it was not a coincidence. A social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter began days after Trump’s January 20017 inauguration, urging all citizens of the UK to download “American Idiot” the week of Trump’s eventual first state visit:

Once events were finalized and confirmed, the organizers had a plan for how and when participants could download (or stream) the track:

Aside from a since-deleted tweet by Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, there has been no official response from the band. But given their history of progressive lyrics and hostility towards conservative and corporatist regimes, it’s safe to assume the Berkeley-based musicians are just fine calling out to idiot America. 

Watch Green Day’s Original ‘American Idiot’ Video:

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Photo Credit: Green Day on YouTube.