Eagles of Death Metal Singer Rips Parkland Activists, Twitter Goes Ballistic in Response (TWEETS)

Eagles of Death Metal Singer Rips Parkland Activists, Twitter Goes Ballistic in Response (TWEETS)

The Eagles of Death Metal lead Singer is a Loon

On Saturday, March 25, students and gun activists from all over the country participated in a mass demonstration in Washington, D.C. to advocate for gun control legislation. Officially called the “March for Our Lives,” it not only attracted 800,000 people, but also an additional 1.2 million from citizens joining smaller movements across the nation.

The response from conservatives has been predictably negative and condescending, with former senator Rick Santorum chastising the students for not learning life-saving measures like CPR, and “The View” co-host Meghan McCain criticizing Never Again MSD co-founder David Hogg for viciously attacking the National Rifle Association.

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But these comments have been tame compared to the rant that “Eagles of Death Metal” vocalist Jesse Hughes posted on Instagram. In five separate posts (three of which have now been deleted), Hughes maliciously lashed out at the students who organized the march.

The first had a cartoon equating people giving up guns to men castrating themselves to stop rape, captioned with a disturbing diatribe full of grammatical errors and fallacious arguments against what the students were advocating:

“Obviously….The best thing to do to combat chronic abusers and disregarders of the law(like the law against Murder) is to……..pass another Law!…..Genius!!!…… but before we pass this law we’re going to denigrate the memory and curse ourselves by exploiting the death of 16 of our fellow students for a few Facebook likes and some media attention….”

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It should be noted, when considering that comment, that a huge portion of his own fame comes from being the victim of a gun violence attack. He seems to have had no qualms about capitalizing on that for personal profit. But while he pockets dollars, he takes issue with activists seeking change.

The second was a photoshopped image of noted activist Emma González ripping up the U.S. Constitution, a photo that the fact-checking organization Politifact earlier concluded was fake news.

The third was yet another graphic depicting three pills that were apparently “hard to swallow” by the citizens of the U.S., including there being only two genders and Trump apparently being set to be the President of the United States for the next seven years.

And finally, the fourth was typical gun nut rhetoric calling anyone who supports common sense gun reform an “evil” communist, while the fifth was an image of a ceramic eagle with a hypocritical comment asking everyone to leave their politics inside their home.

To those that do not know Hughes, this tirade seemingly makes no sense given that he and his band were victims of the November 2015 Paris attacks, in which, among other atrocities, Islamic terrorists shot up the Bataclan Theater where the Eagles of Death Metal were performing.

However, a quick dive into Hughes’s behavior before and after this tragedy indicates that he was always crazy. In an interview with the ESPN sports blog Grantland in October 2015, the singer outed himself as a proud Trump supporter, as well as a hardcore illegal drug abuser. Not only that, but in an interview with the French news station CNews in February 2016, Hughes blamed the success of the terrorist attacks on France’s tight gun control laws. The following month, Hughes even had the gall to suggest that the whole event was an inside job.

As readers can expect, the Twitter response to Hughes’s lunacy has been nothing short of poetic. Check out the best ones below:

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