Who Has Hillary Clinton's Back? SLAYER!

Who Has Hillary Clinton’s Back? SLAYER!

Clinton Gets A Heavy Metal Celebrity Endorsement, While Trump Gets Body Slammed

Kerry King, the guitarist and main songwriter from everyone’s favorite thrash metal band, Slayer, has a few things to say about this year’s election.

Even though the big, bald bundle of metal riffs admits to Rolling Stone magazine that he isn’t an expert on these matters, he does know who he will get behind this November.

“I’m certainly not a political analyst, but I think that Hillary Clinton is the safe, correct choice.”

That’s right, Kerry King of Slayer is “With Her,” as the slogan goes.

As far as Donald Trump, the thrasher is less than impressed with what he sees from Hillary Clinton’s rival.

“Trump is just a sideshow. I’m not even going to apologize to all the Trump followers. I think the reason he’s so popular is because he’s like the politics version of WWE. He’s sensational like wrestling and that’s why middle America loves him.”

Do you have anything else to add, Mr. King?

“He’s the biggest liar I’ve ever seen in politics. I mean, most of them are liars, but he just outright in-your-face lies.”

Nice addition.

So, what about Slayer’s more, er, shall we say, conservative fans? Meh, he’s not too concerned and doesn’t think his opinion should really change how anyone else sees the world. He seems pretty cool with people being who they are.

“People just have to make up their minds and not be into things because their friends are into it or because their girlfriend or their spouse or whoever is into it. People have to be individuals. … Sounds like I’m talking about religion, doesn’t it?”

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As Blabbermouth points out, Kerry King isn’t the only member of Slayer who is no fan of Donald Trump. Gary Holt also says that Trump is a liar. Actually, the phrase he used was “serial liar.” And he has some other choice, and NSFW, words for the Republican presidential nominee.

“People might think some of the things he says, but you can’t have a president calling Rosie O’Donnell a ‘fat bitch.’ [Laughs] It’s, like, dude, do you even hear yourself? He won’t even condemn David Duke’s support. He pretended he doesn’t know who he is…Donald Trump is running for president and he [doesn’t] know who the former grandmaster of the KKK is. That was your moment, Donald Trump, to say… you know, to condemn the man, basically, but you pretended you were just ignorant of who he was, ’cause you don’t wanna fuck with that vote.”

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Feature image by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images