Turning That Frown Upside Down


An uplifting single in depressing times. “1933” is just what we need in 2018.


British Folk-Punk Frank Turner Makes Depression Seem Fun With New, Quasi-Political Single ‘1933’

It’s 2018. The world seems to be going crazy and the reality of politics today is starting to show up in art and music across the West. Outspoken singer-songwriter Frank Turner is adding his frustrated voice to the mix with ‘1933’. Things are going to shit and he has a solution. It involves alcohol.

If you aren’t familiar with Frank Turner, then this is what you need to know: He is one tall, thin, tattooed bundle of British energy whose live shows are full of left wing politics, sing-alongs, sweaty dancing, brotherly and sisterly bonding, a ton o’ fun, and really should not be missed. Over the last 13 years, Turner has managed to create quite a name for himself as a solo artist (after his post-punk band Million Dead broke up) by touring relentlessly and hitting places many other artists just wouldn’t bother with. But the fact that he consistently pumps out catchy, killer music sure helps. Each album he releases seems to turn into a an instant classic, and you end up knowing all the words to every song by the time the week is over.

Now Frank Turner is on the cusp of releasing a new album for 2018 called Be More Kind which he will support with a new tour (with his backing band the Sleeping Souls) through the UK, US and Canada and where ever else he happens to roam. You can pre-order the full album on his website, but in the meantime, the first single, ‘1933’, is out for your listening and dancing enjoyment

‘1933’ is pretty much what you would expect from Frank Turner: Well produced, full volume, upbeat folk-punk that catches the ear right away. He goes a bit heavier on the electric guitar over the acoustic guitar on this single, but it still maintains that hopped up folk sound. It gives it a bit of an edge, but remains classic Turner.

There is an angry political flare to the song, although it’s a tad on the cryptic side. Who is he angry at? Well, a lot of people it would seem, and it’s got him in the mood to drown his sorrows at his favorite place that comes up in song after song: The bar. Between his homeland of Britain deciding to leave the EU and the reality of Donald Trump in power, clearly he ain’t happy with the state of things but he doesn’t seem to want to get too into it. He has a bit of a, “I’m getting way too old for this shit” attitude going on.

“The first time it was a tragedy, the second time it’s a farce.
Outside it’s 1933, so I’m hitting the bar.
And I don’t know what’s going on anymore.”

The first time? 1933? Hmmmm, what could he possibly be talking about? What was it like in 1933….Ohhhh, right.

Somehow Frank Turner has the power to turn something this dark and gloomy into fun, jump around, sing-a-long music. Now THAT’S talent. Depression never sounded so darn enjoyable.

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