18 AG's Sue Trump Over 'Heartless Political Manuever' - Seek To Force Family Reunification

18 AG’s Sue Trump Over ‘Heartless Political Manuever’ – Seek To Force Family Reunification


In an unprecedented move, 18 attorney generals from the Democratic Party have filed a lawsuit against the Trump Administration that, if successful, will force the White House to reunite the 2000 separated children with their parents among other demands. The lawsuit, coming from representatives from the District of Columbia and 17 states, including California, will be the first time a state has challenged the federal government over this immigration policy.

President Trump evidently thought he could earn back some goodwill from the American public after he signed an executive order stopping the separation of immigrant children from their families at the border. Unfortunately for him, this nightmare is entirely to blame on his administration. He ran on a campaign of hatred, and with his disgusting supporters backing his every action, he clearly thought he could push this initiative through unscathed.

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While illegal immigration isn’t anyone’s favorite subject, the idea of kids being torn away from their parents and put into gulag-like locations is something only a sociopath would ignore. In an official statement, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra even went so far as to compare the imprisonment situation to internment, or concentration, camps:

“Child internment camps in America…the Trump Administration has hit a new low. President Trump’s indifference towards the human rights of the children and parents who have been ripped away from one another is chilling. Today we are taking the Trump Administration to court because the safety, security and well-being of our children is too important to be threatened by a heartless political maneuver. Not only does the Trump Administration’s policy impact the health and safety of these separated families, it also threatens California’s ability to ensure our residents’ rights and health are protected.”

This is not the first time multiple states have collaborated on an anti-Trump lawsuit. In May 17 states sued the Trump Administration over its reversal of Obama Era vehicle emission and fuel efficiency standards.

With so much litigation targeted at Trump, from the sexual harassment allegations to the immigration one, it is clear that, sooner or later, he is going to go down hard.

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