There is no doubt many supporters of Hillary Clinton had a mild heart attack when information came out early Friday afternoon that the FBI was reviewing some emails related to their earlier probe. By late Friday afternoon, most realized it was essentially a huge nothing burger. Here’s five facts we now know that practically buried this new “scandal” before it went anywhere.

1. The Emails Did Not Come From Her Private Server.

As noted by the Associated Press’s White House reporter:

2. The Emails Did Not Come From Hillary Clinton.

As noted by HuffPo‘s senior politics editor:

3. The Device The Emails Were Found On Did Not Belong To Clinton.

They came from her aide Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Wiener. The emails were found due to the investigation of Wiener sexting, as noted by the NYT:

4. There Were Only 3 Emails Being Checked.

As noted by Newsweek’s investigative reporter, Kurt Eichenwald:

5. The Clinton Campaign Is Already Asking For Transparency.

The campaign is clearly not scared of what’s in these emails and is asking for the FBI to put out more info for the public.

A “scandal” came. It lasted about 3 hours. Then it fizzled. Enjoy the low calorie nothing burger the FBI just fed everyone 11 days out of a presidential election.

UPDATE 10/29/16, 9:44 AM PST: Multiple news outlets have reported varying statements in regards to the actual number of emails found on Mr. Wiener’s computer. The first source we reported has since retracted this number. The number remains an unknown to this point. The number of emails that are duplicates of what the FBI has already investigated is also unclear. We apologize for quoting what turned out to be an erroneous report in this fluid situation.

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