The ACLU Just Took Trolling To A New Level

The ACLU just took trolling Kellyanne Conway to a new level.

After a disastrous, alternative-fact laden interview on MSNBC, where Kellyanne Conway made the startling claim that there was a secret massacre in Bowling Green, Kentucky, America (and the internet) lost its mind. Conway quickly became exactly what she is so obviously meant to be – the focus of memes and the butt of all jokes.

But the ACLU took it to the next level. It created an entire website devoted to the victims of the Bowling Green Massacre. You can find it at the very realistic URL of

The header shows a pensive, sad young man in black and white, his face turned away, as the text implores you to “join us in helping those in this time of need,” inviting you to donate.

“We all still carry the vivid memories of what horrors occurred at Bowling Green, but some still relive those moments everyday as they work to rebuild a community torn apart.”

In fact, the website promises to “join together with our thoughts and prayers, we will always remember how our fortitude and compassion unite us all through these difficult times.” It then gives you the option to donate: “Join us in directly supporting the victims and families directly affected by the Bowling Green Massacre by donating to the Bowling Green Massacre Victims Fund.”

You Can Absolutely Donate, Though!

And when you click on it – it takes you to the ACLU website donation page.

BOOM. That’s how it’s done, folks.

Go ahead – give the website a visit. It’s good for a laugh (which we all could use in these very trying times). And, if possible, go ahead and make that donation if you can. And if you do, don’t be afraid to let Kellyanne Conway know how she has already inspired you to give back to your country. Just send her a quick tweet. I’m sure she would appreciate it.

Together, we can keep America great…by protecting our civil liberties.

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