The high school graduation ceremony at TNT Academy in Stone Mountain, Georgia took a sharp turn toward the Antebellum South when the school’s founder and principal, Nancy Gordeuk took the microphone. According to eyewitnesses as reported by, Gordeuk had already ended the graduation ceremony and people were leaving, when she realized she had forgotten about the valedictorian’s speech. She tried to get everyone to come back into the hall to listen to the speech, but this created a chaotic situation.

The incident was captured in two cellphone videos. In the first video, shot near the front row, Gordeuk can clearly be heard shouting into the microphone,

“You people are being so rude to not listen to this speech. It was my fault that we missed it in the program. Look who’s leaving: all the black people!”

A second video shot from further back in the hall provides more context, which makes her look even worse. She starts telling people they “owe this young man an apology” and refers to someone in the crowd as a “little goober” and a “little coward.” There is a loud, general din of disbelief and shocked disapproval in the audience. A family indignantly walks toward the rear of the auditorium, to cheers from the audience. Gordeuk responds, “Ya’ll are the rudest people I’ve ever seen in my life,” and instructs someone to close the doors.

At that point, the man filming says, “She’s off her rocker… don’t argue with a crazy person.”

The second video then clearly depicts the same moment as the first video, as she accuses “all the black people” of leaving. This second video then captures virtually everyone in the hall getting up to leave, amidst appalled facial expressions, dismissive gestures toward the principal and booing.

According to The Grio,

“In the past students have alleged that the school, and it’s founder Nancy Gordeuk hold disparaging views towards people of color, and at yesterday’s graduation ceremony they unexpectedly received validation.”

This woman clearly has no business working as an educator. How long has she disadvantaged her black students before making her true feelings known? She just became Exhibit A in the argument that racism is alive and well in America. America’s problem is not merely the nebulous, systemic racism that disadvantages people of color, but also living, breathing, human racists in positions of authority.

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