Watch Bill O'Reilly Completely Deny Reality, Claims Media Is Making Up 'White Power Movement'

Watch Bill O’Reilly Completely Deny Reality, Claims Media Is Making Up ‘White Power Movement’

Bill O’Reilly Has A Questionable Relationship With Reality

Bill O’Reilly is completely offended that the American media finds the fact that awhite nationalist movement is growing in America, lifted high by the rising comet of Donald Trump, is newsworthy.

And so, like any good Conservative, Bill O’Reilly has decided to deal with this indisputable fact by using two distinct methods favored by Republicans.

First, blame the media.

And second, deny that there is such a thing while clutching his metaphorical pearls and pretending that the GOP is still the party of Lincoln.

Yes, smug, glaringly white Bill O’Reilly, ensconced high in his privileged tower in the castle of Fox Media, wants you to know that the so-called “white power movement” is not just a “mythological situation,” but one that has been created solely by an evil “liberal press furious that Donald Trump won the election.”

And that fury, O’Reilly claims, is responsible for “absurd storylines designed to denigrate those who voted for Mr. Trump.”

Never mind that hate crimes are exploding statistically all over the United States, or that there was literally a meeting in Washington, D.C., where a group of White Nationalists met to celebrate their leader’s rise, where they participated in a Nazi salute while crying, “Hail, Trump!” and that the Associated Press recently decided they would no longer call the “alt-right” the “alt-right,” but instead, will call them for what they are – white supremacists.

Nope. Not relevant to Mr. Bill O’Reilly.

Bill O’Reilly Is Missing The Bigger Point

O’Reilly seems to forget that the bigger story here isn’t who is celebrating Trump’s victory, or committing hate crimes because they are emboldened by his election, but the reasons why they feel the way the do.

And that’s because Donald Trump has consistently and knowingly played to that ugly, dark base. And now, as president elect, he’s no longer just pandering to them. He’s exciting them.

The Washington Post reported that these white nationalists are “exalted at the recent pronouncements from Trump Tower, particularly the nomination of officials whose views they said aligned with their own: retired general Michael Flynn as National Security adviser, former Breitbart News chairman Stephen K. Bannon as White House chief strategist and Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) as attorney general.”

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But please, Bill O’Reilly. Keep feeding your own rabid fan base – many of which you surely share with the Donald – the completely unfounded idea that there is no such thing as a growing white power movement in the United States. Why not? You and your friends at Fox have never been bothered by facts before, and now, in an era of unmatched untruths, you fit right in.

Watch Bill O’Reilly completely deny reality in the clip below.

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