'Incredibly Jarring': Bolton Forces Out Homeland Security Advisor - Makes Room for "Yes Men'

‘Incredibly Jarring’: Bolton Forces Out Homeland Security Advisor – Makes Room for “Yes Men’

Bolton and trump are cleaning house and not for the better

Back in late March 2018, I reported on President Trump’s selection of John Bolton for his new National Security Advisor after the former holder, H. R. McMaster, resigned. Bolton was a disastrous choice for numerous reasons: he was a Fox News contributor, a chickenhawk on the level of Dick Cheney, and had ties to hate groups.

Because the position didn’t require Senate approval, Bolton was quickly settled in on Monday, April 9. However, unlike past controversial cabinet choices like Betsy DeVos and Scott Pruitt who attracted a lot of heat yet no internal resistance, Bolton has not been as easily received. His mere presence has been so contentious that the recent resignation of Trump’s Homeland Security Advisor, Tom Bossert, has been attributed to his presence.

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As CNN’s Jeremy Diamond, Kaitlan Collins and Jeff Zeleny report, Bossert had no intentions of departing this early, and actually recently attended a national security conference that lasted several days. Considering the fact that the Syrian chemical weapons situation is ongoing, it’s a strange time for Trump to allow the ouster an integral member of his cabinet.

People close to the situation have confirmed that Bolton had a role in Bossert’s decision, the move being seen as a move to create vacancies to put his own people in place. This might appear like a normal bureaucratic move, but considering Bolton only just arrived in the White House and has not announced any new picks, there are possibly more things happening behind the scenes than anyone is revealing.

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For instance, it is worth pointing out that Bossert has been at odds with Trump when it comes to the issue of Russian interference. While the President continues to insist that anything that connects his campaign to Russia’s efforts to help his campaign is “fake news” or a “witch hunt”, Bossert has gone on record stating that Russia did hack. On Monday, he told NBC News that the administration had taken strong action against the Russian Federation to hurt the country economically.

The story has similar tones to another incident of an ICE spokesman resigning after he refused to tell the Trump Administration’s lies. Questions have been raised about whether President Trump is simply looking for “yes men,” officials who will comply with whatever policy or idea he has in his head, or who in the least agree with those policies. And now there is cause for concern that those appointee themselves will oust competent public servants who might dissent, in favor of “yes men” of their own.

There is no better reservoir of sycophants to dip into than Fox News, where Bolton last worked. And we have seen Trump dip into that well on many occasions. Now we must aks, will Bolton himself fill positions such as the one vacated by the ouster of Tom Bossert, with more sycophants, as well? And will they, too, come from the cheerleading section? What about the “yes men” of Trump’s other “yes men”? And can America avoid a dangerous domino effect, when all of the President’s men are dominos?

It’s a worrisome thought…

Featured image by Gage Skidmore, Flickr, CC-BY-SA-2.0.