BOMBSHELL: Putin Linked Oligarch May Have Funded President's Pornstar Payoff

BOMBSHELL: Putin Linked Oligarch May Have Funded President’s Pornstar Payoff

The lawyer for Stephanie Cliffords, aka “Stormy Daniels”, the adult film star who is suing President Trump over an alleged affair, has alleged that Trump’s attorney, and alleged “fixer” Michael Cohen, received roughly half a million dollars from Viktor Vekselberg, a Russian oligarch closely tied to Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

The payment, Avenatti alleges, was deposited into the same bank account, at First Republic Bank, from which Cohen made a $130,000 payoff to the porn star, within 75 days of the payment, made in October of 2016.

Clearly, this raises many questions. Questions about whether the funds were, in part, to cover the cost of the President’s payoff to Daniels. Questions about what else the payment may have been for. And questions about what, if anything, President Trump knew about the payment, and when he knew it, and what role, if any, he may have played in arranging it. And, it raises the question of collusion with Russia, and possibilities of a quid pro quo.

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Initially, President Trump had claimed that he knew nothing of the payment – as did Mr. Cohen. But over the past week that narrative has been destroyed by revelations from the President’s new lawyer, former New York Mayor, and one time Presidential Candidate Rudy Giuliaini, who in a series of inexplicable television appearances, by claiming that not only did the President know about the payment, but he reimbursed Cohen for it through a series of payments – payments which even Giuliani described as being “funneled” through law firms, raising questions of money laundering.

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A recent report by the New York Times may shed more light on this matter. The report, authored by Adam Goldman, Ben Protess, and William K. Rashbaum, detailed how Vekselberg, the Russian billionaire, was questioned by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators, after Mr. Vekselberg traveled to New York by private plane roughly two months ago. Mr. Vekselberg has since been sanctioned by the United State, for election interference.

Trump’s attorney Mr. Cohen is currently under federal investigation, and his office was recently raided, drawing sharp complaints from President Trump.

Reaction has been swift, and more and more questions are being raised.

MSNBC’s Ari Melber suggests bank fraud is likely…

The Atlantic’s Natasha Bertrand, received a terse non-response, response from the President’s attorney’s, attorney…

MSNBC Anchor Chris Hayes raised the question of whether or not this makes the Cohen’s account a slush fund for Russian money to launder illegal campaign contributions, payments, and funding.

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