BREAKING: Donald Trump Finally Picks His VP: What This Means For The Election

BREAKING: Donald Trump Finally Picks His VP: What This Means For The Election

Trump picks Governor Mike Pence as running-mate

Donald Trump, the presumptive presidential nominee for the Republican Party, has announced his pick for Vice President as Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

On Thursday morning, Governor Mike Pence was at a speaking event in Indianapolis before the announcement was made public, he did not take any questions. Over the months leading up to this announcement, traditional Republicans have had a major falling out with their party over Trump’s inflammatory statements against minorities and his continued attack of party leaders.

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Governor Pence is seen as someone who could help make Donald Trump more favorable to the party, even though he’s shown no signs of pulling back from his controversial rhetoric.

Some sources have stated that the announcement of Mike Pence’s nomination could be a “put on” by the Trump campaign, as Pence is currently seeking re-election as governor of his state, where state law prevents him from seeking two offices at once.

Mike Pence is best known for passing a “religious freedom” bill which allowed businesses to deny service to same-sex couples, giving a free-pass to those businesses from being sued. He would eventually give in to public pressure and make changes to the bill. Although the concessions were small, it’s a sign of how potentially even-handed he could be, within Republican Party lines.

Many feel his involvement with the Evangelicals will help Trump gain access to those constituents.

Before Donald Trump won the nomination, Mike Pence had put in his support for Ted Cruz then switched to Donald Trump.

Mike Pence is one of three that the press has been generating buzz about over a VP pick, among them was New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich, whose contract was recently cancelled with Fox News over the possibility that he would be picked.

Reports confirm that Donald Trump and Mike Pence will be making an appearance as a team on New York on Friday. Following the announcement, Gingrich intends to hold a live chat Thursday afternoon.

Image by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images