Trump's 'Voter Fraud' Expert Was Registered In 3 States For 2016 Election

BREAKING: Donald Trump’s ‘Voter Fraud’ Expert Was Registered In 3 States For The 2016 Election (VIDEO)

Voter Fraud is a Trump myth to distract the public

Ever since it was made public that Trump lost the 2016 presidential election by the largest margin in United States history, that is almost 3 million votes, Trump and his PR cohorts have attempted to spin the loss in a positive direction.

This has primarily taken the form of voter fraud, wherein Trump and his Press Secretary Sean Spicer claimed that, somehow, three million illegal immigrants managed to vote in the election. As a result, Trump promised to launch an investigation into the matter, with one of his primary targets being citizens that are registered to vote in multiple states.

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The situation turned into one of bitter irony when it was soon disclosed that an astounding five members of Trump’s own inner circle were registered in two states, including Spicer, Treasury Secretary nominee Steven Mnuchin, alt-right strategist Steve Bannon, son-in-law Jared Kushner, and daughter Tiffany.

Now, things are becoming dangerously hypocritical as it turns out Gregg Phillips, the so-called “authority” hired by Trump to investigate voter fraud, was found to have been registered to vote in two states during the 2016 elections.

As reported by the “Associated Press,” Phillips was registered in Alabama, Mississippi and Texas. It should be mentioned that his voter status was technically inactive/suspended respectively in the last two states, but he still could have voted legally so long as he presented a proper ID.

And Phillips’s response to these accusations? “Doesn’t that just demonstrate how broken the system is? That is not fraud — that is a broken system. We need a national ID that travels with people.”

Apparently even he does not understand the immature rants of Trump. Check out an interview Phillips did with CNN where he was unable to come up with any evidence to back up his ludicrous claim:

Screen capture of Greg Phillips during an interview with CNN