Breaking: FBI Director Wray Almost Resigned Over Trump, Sessions Meddling in Russia Probe

Breaking: FBI Director Wray Almost Resigned Over Trump, Sessions Meddling in Russia Probe

President Trump nominated Christopher Wray for FBI Director after firing James Comey for, as he told NBC’s Lester Holt in a White House interview, investigating Russia’s meddling in the election which catapulted Trump into the oval office, and whether or not there was any collusion between the Russians, and Trump’s campaign.

And now it’s come to light that the President and his Attorney General Jeff Session, who is supposed to be recused from the matter after being caught lying about his own contacts with Russian operatives, have been pressuring Wray to fire Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

But Wray refused and threatened to resign, which would have resulted in a media frenzy, public outrage, and possible congressional action. Apparently the White House has learned it’s lesson from the Comey firing, and so both McCabe and Wray are still in their jobs. For now.

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According to “a source familiar with the situation” who spoke to Axios, which broke the story, Wray let his anger over the meddling be known to Sessions. The Attorney General then informed White House Counsel Don McGahn – who shouldn’t touch such a thing with a 10 foot pole in his job – who told him that it wasn’t worth losing the FBI Director over. And so Sessions backed off.

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Something is seriously wrong here. A President who has nothing to hide shouldn’t be trying to stack the deck. He shouldn’t be trying to sway public opinion against the whole investigation. If he’s innocent, why not let them prove it?

And an Attorney General who has recused himself from an investigation shouldn’t be pushing to oust key personnel at the FBI as they pursue the investigation. And let me remind you, we’re talking an investigation looking into whether there was treason by the sitting President of the United States, and others around him. Including Sessions.

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