Russian Cyber Operatives Waged Pro-Trump Propaganda War on Twitter

BREAKING: Hundreds of Russian Cyber Operatives Waged Pro-Trump Propaganda War on Twitter

Social media has become such a massive transit of information that it has come to be utilized by multiple groups across the world to raise awareness for their issues, both good and bad. Twitter, in particular, has been taken advantage of by notorious groups whose only goal is to undermine international democracies whilst recruiting people to their cause. ISIS has gained the most infamy for this, but they are far from the only ones as accounts associated with white supremacists and cyber terrorist groups have been discovered.

We can officially add Russian propagandists to this list as a shocking report from The Washington Post has revealed that they were able to conduct a massive ad campaign through Twitter. This comes alongside two earlier news releases where it was disclosed that a Russian firm called the International Research Agency utilized Facebook to spread $100,000 worth of provocative messages in key states in order to influence their opinion away from Hillary Clinton, backing not only Trump but also Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

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The specific details are as follows: there are 201 spotted accounts tied to the aforementioned Russian firm that have since been shutdown by Twitter, and there were three more accounts owned by the Russian media network RT that spent over $274,000 worth of advertisements in 2016. As a result, representatives of the Twitter Company has been called to meet with Congressional investigators.

It is no question that we live in a much different world then even nine years ago when Barack Obama gained fame for using social media to expand his then-new presidential campaign. News travels in the blink of an eye, and, as such, can be hijacked by fake news outlets in order to disperse their nonsense in a quick, efficient way.

But this development brings to light another problem that has existed for some time, yet not been acknowledged by many, and that is technological psychological warfare. Cybersecurit expert Richard A. Clarke spoke briefly about this during an appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher, but it does need to be mentioned again and again until the American People accept its possibilities. Many citizens, young and old, are prone to influence, especially when you have a system where you can hammer the same corrupt message day after day, non-stop.

Fox News has been frequently accused of dividing the country, but these Russian evocators may have pushed enough people off the cliff in order to get Trump wins. We will not know for certain until more secrets are revealed, but always keep an eye out regardless.