A group of students, some of whom survived the mass murder at Parkland High School last week, arrived at the Florida capital in Tallahassee Wednesday morning. They came to make their voices heard, to express their frustration that Florida legislators yesterday refused to consider gun safety legislation. They wanted the opportunity to plead their case directly to state Senate President Joseph Negron. The two-word response they received stunned and disappointed the students, and should outrage everyone with a vote in Florida this November.

“Appointments only.”

Too Young To Vote; Too Young To Be Heard; Old Enough To Die?

Across Florida and across the country today, school walkouts were held to protest gun violence and to show solidarity with the Parkland students and faculty. Students rallying at the capital carried signs, reminiscent of protests against Vietnam or the Iraq War, like “Arms are for HUGGING.” Others harkened back to the Boston Marathon bombing for “Parkland Strong.” And really, isn’t that the point of these protests, that we can recycle old slogans because this has all happened before and legislators across the country refuse to keep us safe? Video of the rally can be found below.

When CNN tweeted the picture, Twitter lit up with responses and the Senate President and his staff might regret not finding a few minutes in their schedules to meet with the students.

My favorite, which perfectly explains WHY the students feel their voices are not being heard?

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