US Intelligence Has Russian Election Meddling Evidence - Including Trump Info

US Intelligence Has Russian Election Meddling Evidence – Including Trump Info

A bombshell report in The Intercept reveals that US Spy agencies on a hunt for stolen NSA documents were given materials by a Russian subject with ties to Russian Intelligence, through an American intermediary, which name names on the Trump-Russia affair.

According to The Intercept, the materials include the names of corporations and individual people who are allegedly connected to the interference in the 2016 election by Russians. And these materials include materials related to Trump officials, and the 2016 campaign, including financial reports, and FBI investigative documents.

Documents which The Intercept has obtained reportedly state, “The information was vetted and ultimately determined that while a significant part of it was accurate and verifiable, other parts of the data were impossible to verify and could be controversial.”

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According to reporting by the Intercept, the materials came to light due to an effort to recover documents stolen from the NSA by a mysterious hacker group called the Shadow Brokers. The investigation was not designed to investigate the Trump-Russia affair, but has not rejected materials obtained related to it. However, as the Intercept reports, the obstructive behavior of President Donald Trump has had a chilling effect on the investigation, with many in intelligence fearing retaliation from the White House if they investigate too deeply. Some having expressed concern they could be fired as former FBI Director James Comey and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe were.

According to an Intercept source “close to the matter” US Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats has expressed reticence in examining Trump-Russia, telling the source he did not believe it was his job to push for an aggressive investigation, despite his position as the one person directly in charge of all US Intelligence.

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Others have expressed doubts in the materials, suggesting it may be an elaborate misinformation campaign by the Russians to aid the Trump Administration by sowing confusion over the 2016 election meddling, and what involvement the Trump campaign, or figures connected to it, may have played.

One thing is clear… The United States is now in possession of documents and other materials which are of evidence in the Trump-Russia and Russian election meddling affairs, which name names.