Breitbart: it's 'So Offensive' that Black Reporter Said How Trump Uses 'Cultural Issues' (Racism)

Breitbart: it’s ‘So Offensive’ that Black Reporter Said How Trump Uses ‘Cultural Issues’ (Racism)

“Cultural Issues”. That’s how Breitbart describes “confederacy, and NFL players taking a knee”. Nice way to dog whistle there, Breitbart writer Pam Key.

Yes, confederacy. Just throw that out there as though it’s a legitimate “cultural issue”, Breitbart. Don’t dwell on what it means. Gloss over the fact that the Confederacy was a revolt, by traitors, against the United States of America, with the goal of enslaving human beings into unpaid work, sadistic abuse and degradation solely because of their heredity. Using skin color as an excuse to treat men, women, and children as less than human. Hell, less even than animals, for under slavery, it’s perversely acceptable to work human beings to death, to rape them and and beat them mercilessly. But that’s just a “cultural issue”, the editors of Breitbart allow.

The same is said of “NFL players taking a knee”. “Cultural Issue”. Once again, glossing over the truth of the matter. Ignoring that this began with Colin Kaepernick taking a knee to protest rampant police brutality against black Americans. Ignoring the fact that the NFL players, owners, coaches, and fans taking a knee do so in solidarity with Kaepernick and his cause. Never mind that this is about treating black citizens as less than citizens, as second class citizens. It’s a “cultural issue”, nothing more, Breitbart asserts.

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Yup, that’s right.  The right wing website that claims it’s totally not racist and yet is a favorite of racists, run by a guy who was until recently a Senior Adviser to the most blatantly racist President in modern American history, and who used that website to help that President get elected, with a big base of racist support, was racist enough to take offense to black White House correspondent April Ryan, pointing out the following truth about President Trump:

“…he’s doubling down with his base. And when it comes time to talk to his base, to galvanize them, he hits with topics that really resonate with them: the Confederacy, issues of race, the NFL with taking a knee or be it Charlottesville.”

Her full comments are longer (transcript below) and also touch on Trump’s appeal to those without a college education, the so-called “forgotten man” types W, I have to point out, Republicans obviously want to keep that way, fighting every effort to educate people so that they’ll end up gullible, angry, and easily manipulated “forgotten” people, eager to vote against their own interests when Republican politicians play to their fears and anger.

Yup, that really offended Breitbart’s sensibilities. I mean, not only was Ryan pointing out that Trump uses white supremacist rhetoric to fan the flames of hate that drive his base, but that he targets the not very supreme whites when he does so. Which had to be a bitter pill for a publication which swears it’s not racist to swallow, right?

A screenshot of Breitbart’s “offense” – both in case they take it down, and so as not to subject you to the noxious comments of the racist fans they claim not to have, on the actual post.

Now, did you notice anything there, in that quote they took such offense to? Let me point it out more clearly:

“…the Confederacy, issues of race, the NFL with taking a knee or be it Charlottesville.”

Hmm, that sounds familiar doesn’t it? What was it Key called “cultural issues”? Ah, yes: “confederacy, and NFL players taking a knee”. Interesting, don’t you think, how she twisted “issues of race” into “cultural issues”? Which of course is the common thread between the two issues she did mention, issues of race. Namely, the racist idea that black people are second class people (police racism) if they’re people at all (confederacy). Aha!

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And she also didn’t mention the neo-nazi rally in Charlottesville which President Trump responded to by referring to the people who marched with torches chanting “blood and soil” and “jews will not replace us” as “some very fine people”…

I wonder why?

Actually, no I don’t. It’s very plain to see.

Here’s a partial transcript of the CNN segment that set Breitbart to whistlin’ Dixie on the dog whistle (VIDEO BELOW):

LEMON: April, let’s talk about the president’s approval rating. He’s at the lowest point overall. Just 36% say that they approve the way Trump is handling his job as president. How does the White House explain those low poll numbers which have been consistent throughout his presidency?

RYAN: Well, they are very reactionary and deflective. They’re blaming it on the Russia investigation. they’re blaming it on Democrats. And it’s interesting, Democrats who are trying to come up with some wins, particularly in the gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia, they’re blaming everything on the reactionary president for all the problems that we’re having.

But this president is trying to find his way out. And he’s doubling down with his base. And when it comes time to talk to his base, to galvanize them, he hits with topics that really resonate with them: the Confederacy, issues of race, the NFL with taking a knee or be it Charlottesville.

This president knows what strikes the chord of the “forgotten man,” the uneducated or those who have not attended college, white male who feels that they’re on the fringe and not touched by any form of government. And this president has reached out to them. So his numbers are low, but he keeps doubling down. But we’ve not seen kryptonite yet for this president to make him go out for the count. He continues to rebound some kind of way. But the question is how often can he do this in the midst of this Russia investigation and just the divisions that’s going on in this country?

Watch April Ryan explain how Trump uses racism to galvanize his base:

Featured image screenshot, Breitbart post on Facebook (Fair Use). Hat tip: Real Clear Politics, for video.