CNN Slaps the Stupid Out of Trump With Epic Counter Punch After Latest Attack

CNN Slaps the Stupid Out of Trump With Epic Counter Punch After Latest Attack

CNN Hits Back At Donald Trump After Bogus Attack

Republican Donald Trump once again proved how seriously he is taking his job this morning by going on yet another unhinged Twitter rant. One of his many targets today, as usual, was CNN.

But this morning was a little different than his normal attacks in that he got a direct response from the network. And in that retort, CNN even tossed a little shade Trump’s way for his notoriously sloppy composition.

In the middle of a number of tweets that ranged from disparaging Mexico, decrying fake news, and referring to his predecessor as “Cheatin’ Obama”, Trump threw out this message:

His claims seem to have zero merit and one might be curious what time he is referencing as to when he views CNN was doing “honest reporting”. It would probably pain him to ever give the network credit or admit that it does a very good job at covering news today.

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Trump also included a jab at the network’s CEO, but that turned into a bit of a fail as the CNN communications team pointed out.

Saying it slowly and spelling things out seem to be the way to go when communicating with the president. We all know how he isn’t a fan of reading.

Some CNN employees even pushed back in the thread at the notion their political beliefs were a factor in their hiring.

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In short, the infamous “Birther” who keeps crying about fake news got slapped back today by a real news organization. Maybe Donald Trump should start his attacks on people exposing the truth about his administration with a little spellcheck next time.

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