The Battle Flag of the Army of North Virginia, more often simply referred to as the Confederate flag, has been at the center of contention ever since a white supremacist rampaged through Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church just one month ago. This contention came to a head, though, during a rally to support the flag on July 18.


It was June 29 when South Carolina officials granted a request from the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan to hold a rally on Statehouse grounds in support of the Confederate flag. About one week prior to the rally, the Confederate flag was officially taken down from the grounds.

As you can see in this video, not everyone was excited about the turn of events.

If you fast forward in the video, you will see one of the KKK members giving the tried and true argument of why the flag isn’t about hate:

“The confederate flag is not about hate. It represents pride and heritage. A lot of people — a lot of my relatives — died for that flag.”

We’ve all heard that argument, and while it seems completely delusional considering that historical documents prove that the Civil War was about slavery — and the Confederate flag flew over those fighting to keep slaves — is it possible that this is a substantial claim?

Well, we hear the argument often enough, but let us look at some of the other statements thrown around by protesters that day.

“You come right here and I’ll knock you on your black ass (expletive).”

And let’s not forget this one:

Hey I love the Colonel! The Colonel is the shit! I love Colonel Sanders.”

Hey, how about telling African-Americans it’s their fault they deal with racism because they didn’t buy a ticket home after being freed from years of enslavement:

“They set you free! Why didn’t you go home? You reap what you sow!”

My absolute favorite, though, comes at about 45 seconds into the video. In addition to saying the following,

“You drag your knuckles (expletive)!”

The “non-racist” Confederate flag supporter also made gorilla sounds and gestures directed at African-Americans gathered for a counter protest. And I apologize for the (expletive) insertions, those come directly from the uploader of the video. You can probably guess what they were saying, though.

Isn’t it funny that the Ku Klux Klan uses the same exact arguments for flying the flag as the common, everyday, non-KKK, self-proclaimed “not racist” Confederate flag supporter? Intriguing…

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