Hulking White Coward Sucker Punches Black Mom on Mother's Day (Video)

Hulking White Coward Sucker Punches Black Mom on Mother’s Day (Video)

Zoa Stigler was not expecting to be assaulted several hours before spending mother’s day with her daughters. Stigler received a broken nose and requires eye surgery after being punched for no reason by a grown man who had been throwing up drunk outside of the building where she works as a security guard.

Her assailant remains at large and the video shows his assault was completely unprovoked. Stigler had the following to say about the incident:

“I have to be composed because I have daughters that look up to me, so I want to stay composed. I got to be strong for them.”


Inside The Video

The assailant was with two females and another male; none of whom did anything to help Stigler after she was punched, and casually walked away with the assailant who is assumed to be a friend of theirs. The incident took place in Chicago, where tensions are high between police/security personnel and the community.

The killings of Ronald Johnson, Laquan McDonald, Quintonio LeGrier, and Bettie Jones by police over the past several years have directly resulted in outrage against Chicago police and the justice system, due to charges not be filed.

While this incident was a case of a security guard being assaulted by a citizen, it will not do anything to harm the wounds within the community if the attacker is not brought to justice.

Thankfully for HD cameras installed outside of the building, the entire incident was caught on camera and there are clear images of the man who attacked her. Zoa has stated that she plans to press charges against the man for assault once he is apprehended.

Below are two videos which cover the incident, the second of which contains several minutes of security footage from the scene.

To donate to the GoFundMe For Zoa Stigler’s Medical Bills Click Here

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