Fundamental Fanatic 'Crazy Eyes' Bachmann is Waiting for God to Tell Her to Run for Franken's Seat

Fundamental Fanatic ‘Crazy Eyes’ Bachmann is Waiting for God to Tell Her to Run for Franken’s Seat

Democrat Al Franken has now officially stepped aside and his seat in the Senate will be filled by former Minnesota Lt. Governor Tina Smith in a swearing-in ceremony tomorrow. Smith will hold the seat temporarily as it will be up for election later this year. And one well-known name may jump into the race on the Republican side: former Representative Michele Bachmann.

Michelle Bachmann is scary AF

Right Wing Watch flagged an interview clip with Bachmann expressing a potential desire to run and fill the seat. As with most things Bachmann, the comments were interesting to say the least.

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She stated people had contacted her to run for the seat. Then she got into wanting to take her “Biblical principles” to the Senate and the actual rigors of campaigning. (Full video below)

The price is bigger than ever because the swamp is so toxic…My husband and I aren’t money people…We’re normal. We’re just normal people. We’re not money people. If you’re a billionaire, you can maybe defend yourself. 

She then goes on to talk about what God told her to do in the past and if she is being “called” to do this. She pats herself on the back for her stand against Obamacare during her failed run for president, which apparently means God told her to take health coverage away from millions. We’re still looking for where the Bible teaches that.

I ran to put the whole issue of Obamacare front and center before the American people. I feel like I was wildly successful because by the time I left the presidential race, all seven men on the stage were forced to take my position of repeal…I didn’t shed a tear when I left the contest because…I fulfilled the calling that God gave me.

Republicans passed a repeal of the individual mandate in their tax giveaway to corporations and wealthy people. The move is expected to add millions of people to the pool of uninsured folks in America.

The host then claims there are people that have “probably already” put out a “contract” to “kill the president of the United States”.

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Michele Bachmann has a long history of making outlandishly false statements and her PolitiFact file is rather unflattering, to say the least.

But it’s clear a Republican candidate that has a questionable history with the truth is nothing that scares the party. Even a candidate that has despicably embarrassing allegations about sexual misconduct with minors against him doesn’t bother the GOP enough to abandon him.

So, will Bachmann run for Al Franken’s seat? Time will tell. But don’t be surprised if that file of lies gets quite a bit larger if the Tea Party favorite decides to give it a go.


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