Donald Trump Thinks Obama Is A Racist

Every time Donald Trump opens his mouth, there is a good chance something horribly ignorant is about to fall out.

Back in 2011, before he burst onto the Republican political scene by proudly waving a banner of open bigotry, when he was just your average, truth-hating birther, tone-deaf Trump actually dismissed President Barack Obama’s election as a “racial thing.”

Yes. Because Donald Trump, the candidate who is enthusiastically endorsed by people like David Duke and other white supremacists, should really be talking about “racial things.”

In an interview with – who else? – Fox News’s Sean Hannity, Trump implied that black voters only supported President Barack Obama because of his race. Trump also scolded the media for not highlighting what he saw as an obvious scandal – the fact that black people voted. Or something.

Donald Trump’s outrage, like his “logic,” is often hard to follow.

No, This Is Not A Joke

“I think the race card is such a horrible thing,” Trump saidwith no sense of irony. “And I’ve been watching it more and more lately. And I think it’s disgraceful.”

He then played his own race card – that of the poor, underrepresented white billionaire, whose own cause is not championed enough by the evil media.

“And when Obama gets 95% of the black vote, is that racist? I mean, you know, does anybody ever mention that? He gets 95% of the vote. And I see your compatriots, your announcers saying, ‘yes, he got 95% of the black vote but this wasn’t a racial thing. They like his policy.’”

Yes. Tone-deaf, race-baiting Donald Trump, who has built his entire campaign on whipping up the resentful anger of uneducated white men, thinks that Barack Obama’s election and re-election was a “racial thing,” and the media should have covered it from that angle. Not doing so, Trump said, was “crap.”

“That’s a lot of crap. But he’s (Obama’s) creating a racial divide, and I think he’s doing it on purpose, and I think it’s a very unfair thing and it’s a very bad thing.”

When A Racist Whines About Racism

Just let that sink in for a moment. Here is Donald Trump, the conspiracy-embracing birther who couldn’t be bothered to disavow the KKK, who dismissed a judge’s ability to do his job because of his Mexican heritage, who referred to laziness as a “trait in blacks” that they “cannot control,” thinks that President Obama created a racial divide. And that this “racial thing” is “very unfair.” He also thinks African Americans vote purely based on race – which is weird, considering we’ve only had the one African American president. He also thinks –

Never mind. Donald Trump doesn’t think. And that’s much of his problem.

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