Entitled Elitist Eric Trump Whines About Media Busting Him Ripping Off Dying Children

Entitled Elitest Eric Trump Whines About Media Busting Him Ripping Off Dying Children

EDITORS NOTE: Because Eric Trump’s wife has recently made disparaging comments about the millions of women that participated in last weekend’s historic Women’s March, we’ve decided to remind everyone who she’s married to, and are re-running this post from last summer, shortly after the devastating Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. Enjoy, and please share this! 

Eric and the other Trumps are apparently the real victims

With the media currently revolving around Hurricane Harvey and its devastating impact on Texas, it may seem like people have come together for the time-being in light of this threat. Unfortunately, Harvey has done nothing but provide a distraction for the Republicans, and, more importantly, exposed the failure of the Trump Administration’s ability to handle crises.

We do not use push forward these accusations lightly. Despite being the worst natural disaster to hit the country since Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the President has proposed cutting the budget of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). In addition to this, when he did arrive at the area, Trump, unlike past Presidents Bush and Obama, did not actually meet with any victims of the disaster, instead holding a miniature rally. While he arguably did this to boost the morale of the public, it was still surprising to see the President not even engage the people that need his presence now more than ever.

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People in the news have been very condemning of Trump’s overall response to Harvey, as the storm was warned in advance. Whether or not these criticisms against the President are justified will be for historians to decide (as they did with Bush and Katrina), but the one thing we can all agree on is that Trump and his family are not the victims in this situation.

From Eric Trump’s perspective,  however, that is not the case. Speaking on the conservative radio host Joe Pags’ show, Eric commented on how his father has been ignoring all the criticism directed at him in order to avoid falling onto the path of depression. This is because, according to Eric, the political scene has been filled with far more hate than he has ever experienced, saying that the “evilness and the hatred in that world is unlike anything I could have fathomed before.”

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To point out the irony in this situation would constitute the creation of another article, but to put it bluntly this man has done nothing but contribute to the hatred in the US, going all the way back to his disgusting hunting trip. But the worst example, by far, would be the revelation that a good portion of the millions of dollars raised by The Trump Organization for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital were used to pay off various business dealing of the group. That is to say, Trump and his cohorts were literally ripping off dying children in order to make a quick buck, But according to Eric, he was actually the victim of the media as they “killed” him for exploiting kids.

Listen below:

Absolutely disgusting.

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