'Fiercely Patriotic' Mexican President AMLO Could Confront Trump ​​

‘Fiercely Patriotic’ Mexican President AMLO Could Confront Trump ​​

Voters in Mexico cast their ballots on Sunday to elect a new president. Current President Enrique Pena Nieto is no longer allowed to seek re-election according to the law.

One particular candidate, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) is seen as being similar to Trump but for the leftist National Regeneration Movement party. While his populist approach appears to make him similar to Trump, his leftist platform means that he would likely be a more appropriate parry to the American President.

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In fact, this election is perhaps the equivalent of the American election of 2008, where Democratic senator Barack Obama was seen as the rising star to replace a Republican president Bush. Pena Nieto could easily be seen as Mexico’s version of George Bush, both unpopular outgoing right-wing leaders at the end of their terms.

Where Obrador is seen as seen as being similar to Trump is that he, too, has been vague on the details of his own policy. Trump worked the fringe tea party and even more fringe alt-right base during his campaign using economic fearmongering, and nationalism. AMLO appears to be working up the Mexican left with promises to improve on the nation’s divisive issues. One of the more divisive issues being with the US over Trump’s attacks against Mexico.

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In one report about the election by Reuters, AMLO is described as being “fiercely patriotic.” It states that if AMLO were to become Mexico’s next president, he would first try to broker a NAFTA deal with Trump. This is of course if President Trump doesn’t end the NAFTA deal by the time AMLO is elected. Since Donald Trump became president, he has consistently threatened to end the NAFTA deal.

The Trump Administration has kept it’s crosshairs on Muslim and Mexican immigrants, making the processing of immigrants from those regions almost impossible to complete. Along with this, the White House has continued to put pressure on Congress to build a wall along the Mexican-American border and separating families who come to the US to seek asylum.

Here is a report by the BBC about the candidate Obrador.

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