Former Obama Advisor Shreds Republicans In Epic Takedown

Former Obama Advisor Shreds Republicans In Epic Takedown

CNN commentator and former Special Advisor to President Barack Obama Van Jones did not hold back Thursday night. The opportunity was there for a brutal takedown, and he seized the moment. Jones, set to host his own CNN show beginning Friday, happily shared his opinion on the day’s breaking news stories:

President Trump had attempted to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller last year.

The Washington Post editorial accusing Republican leaders of undermining the rule of law.

Van Jones takedown slams Republicans on Complicity

First, Jones offered his take on the successful effort by White House Counsel and Assistant to the President Don McGahn to save Mueller’s job.

“The fact that they are holding back a freight train with dental floss half the time — that is not good.  And that’s where we are here.” 

He also had some harsh words for conspiracy theorists pushing the idea of a “secret society” within the FBI trying to take President Trump down.

“Crazy talk! This is some foolishness… this is not the random person on the subway saying this, these are senators and congresspeople, on the relevant committees! I’m like, what is wrong with the Republican Party.”

Not that Jones was surprised by Republican behavior, especially in the age of Trump, the father of the birther movement.

“When you spend eight years attacking Obama over crazy stuff, you build up a culture of crazy.”

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One of the best lines of the rant focused on how Republicans are behaving as the anti-government party when they control every branch of the government.

“You are flying the plane AND setting it fire at the same time.”

Van had plenty more to say about the days events and the current political climate. Will President Trump take to Twitter to give Van a nickname? The full video is below.

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