Former President Of Mexico Vincente Fox Slams Trump's 'Great Wall' With One Epic Line

Former President Of Mexico Vincente Fox Slams Trump’s ‘Great Wall’ With One Epic Line

Vincente Fox Says Mexico Will Not Pay

Vincente Fox, the former president of Mexico, wants to make one thing clear to President-elect Donald Trump.

Mexico is not  going to pay for his wall – which he now refers to as the “Great Wall.” Mexico isn’t going to pay for it now, and Mexico isn’t going to pay for it later.

He started out in a rather calm manner.

But he quickly escalated.

And then Fox made it clear that he understands the psyche behind Trump – and how to use it against him.

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All in all, Vincente Fox certainly made his point.

The “wall,” which was a center point to Donald Trump’c campaign, and a rallying cry that many found chilling, will cost an estimated $14 billion. Trump has insisted that he will get Mexico to pay for it. But when reports began to circulate that Trump was asking Congress to fund the wall using taxpayer money, he quickly said that he intended to get Mexico to “reimburse” taxpayers after the wall was built.

It sounds as if Mexico has other ideas, however…and Trump may need to reconsider that “great wall” of his.

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