Give Giuliani a Break -- It's Not His Fault Trump is A Liar, Surrounded by Liars

Give Giuliani a Break — It’s Not His Fault Trump is A Liar, Surrounded by Liars

It’s interesting, I think, to turn on CNN and hear anchors faulting Rudy Giuliani for telling the truth. That’s surprising, coming from the cable news channel right wingers believe is “fake news” for daring to simply report the actual truth, even when it doesn’t fit the right wing narrative. For calling, as their famous series of ads points out, an apple an apple. The same right wingers who thought Fox News really was “fair and balanced”, for doing the opposite, and reporting an apple is a banana whenever it suits the right wing party line.

Shouldn’t CNN, and the many other voices in the mainstream media that are calling for Trump to fire Giuliani for telling the truth, even if by accident, be happy to actually hear some truth from this administration? I would think so…

And yet, the prevailing narrative is that telling the truth is an unforced error on Giuliani’s part. A gaffe. A mistake. By exposing the truth, they insist, about paying off Cohen, or meddling in the AT&T merger to hurt CNN, or anything else that embarrasses his client, the world’s most lyingest liar, Donald Trump, Giuliani made an inexcusable mistake.

But is telling the truth a mistake?

Do we really want to present the idea of people working for the government telling us the truth as a mistake?

Do we really only want to hear “alternative facts” from the likes of Kellyanne Conway, or Sarah Huckabee Sanders, or any of the other clowns in the parade of paid shills who lie for the President, for a living? Or do we want the unexpected, shocking, refreshing truth?

And I’ve heard a lot of people express their shock and dismay that Giuliani did this. But I haven’t heard many people ask why. Not with any real depth to the question. So allow me… Why would Rudy Giuliani, a guy who was once a top prosecutor, a celebrated mayor, and recently a sought after lawyer, ruin his career, his credibility, his job with his law firm, his chances of running for President, and his possibility of a comfortable retirement as a respected person, to go be the lawyer of last resort for a client everyone with an IQ in the triple digits knows is obviously a liar acting guilty as hell — and then immediately start ruining his own case? Why would a skilled, smart, experienced lawyer do that?

So, allow me to put on my tinfoil hat here for a moment, and pass an improbable, probably wrong theory by you. Maybe, this is Rudy’s Revenge. Or maybe, preposterous as it sounds, Giuliani is trying to save America from Trump, not Trump from Trump-Russia.

Maybe, just maybe, Rudy Giuliani talked Trump into trusting him, just so he could destroy him.

Think about it a little while, and it may seem less preposterous to you. I mean, in order to believe Rudy Giuliani learned of the retainer payments to Michael Cohen and immediately revealed it on TV, or insisted that paying people off out of whatever funds for blackmail and not even telling the client is normal legal practice instead of behavior that can get you disbarred, or revealed that Trump interfered in the AT&T/Time Warner merger, you have to believe that this accomplished man of the law at the highest levels, is an incompetent buffoon. And his track record, from any time before a week ago just doesn’t say that.

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Could Rudy Giuliani be falling on his sword? Or is he just trying to get revenge against Trump for that one video they were both in, that was – I feel all but certain – so humiliating for Rudy? Spoiler: he “moved on her like a bitch”…


Of course, maybe, and probably, he’s just revealed himself to be a creep who is happy to defend a creep. But just maybe… Just maybe…

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What’s clear is that he’ll never be a sought after lawyer again. Not after publicly dropping the ball for the world’s most visible client. Not after being fired from his firm. He’ll never run for President as a Democrat, having represented the most deplorable President in history, and he’ll never run successfully as a Republican, for having represented the most deplorable President in history well.

And whether he did it on purpose to sacrifice himself for his country, or to get revenge on Trump for that awful video, or alternately, because he actually believes in Trump enough to destroy himself, in drag if necessary, it remains true that being told the truth is preferable to being lied to.

So give Rudy a break when he tells the truth. It’s his problem that his client is a liar, surrounded by liars who lie for him – but it’s not his fault. Until he becomes just another liar surrounding the liar in chief. Any minute now.

Myself, for while it lasts, I’ll take the truth over lies, any day.

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