GOP Rep Wants Anti-Trump Protestors to be Raped in Prison

GOP Rep Wants Anti-Trump Protestors to be Raped in Prison, Gets Slammed on Twitter (TWEETS)

Anti-Trump Protesters in Minnesota, be warned

Lately there have been numerous cases rising up of Republicans getting violent, either rhetorically or physically, when faced with a noticeable opposition. The most notable example of this was Greg Gianforte, a businessman from Minnesota that managed to win the at-large congressional district election despite assaulting a reporter the day before.

Perhaps Trump’s election has shown these thugs that they can get away with things more easily than they could in the past, but that is ultimately up for speculation. Regardless, we can all agree that this sets a bad precedent for the future of the country as it shows that these public servants are above the law and can get away with anything.

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A more gruesome example of this has popped up recently, once again involving a congressman from Minnesota. His name is Pat Garofalo, and he has been a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives since 2005. We bring him up because of his response to a recent incident. What happened was members of the loosely-organized group “Antifa” counter-protested against a rally held by the Trump supporting group “Patriot Prayer” in Portland. What should have been peaceful turned into a violent event as police attempting to stop the clash were attacked with tear gas.

We do not in any way condone what these Antifa members did at the area, but whatever happened, they need to have their day in court. According to Garofalo, on the other hand, they deserve something a lot worse: to be raped in prison.

In a now deleted Tweet, the Republican congressman had this to say, courtesy of RawStory:

In other words, Garofalo believes that anyone that opposes Trump’s disgusting agenda should be sexually assaulted in a correctional facility. As you can imagine, this has inspired nothing but disgust from users on Twitter, including the Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party. Check out some of these tweets (and Garofalo’s responses to some of them) below:

Image a screen capture from Pat Garofalo’s website