Here's How To Tell if Your Local TV Channel is Really Trump TV

Here’s How To Tell if Your Local TV Channel is Really Trump TV

The United States Has its own State TV

Ever since Deadspin’s video compilation helped expose the fact that the Sinclair Broadcast Group was spreading conservative propaganda through local television stations, it has raised a lot of concerns regarding how far their reach is, and whether or not it constitutes as Orwellian.

The Orwellian part comes from the fact that Sinclair was not just having its acolytes parrot typical right-wing talking points like anti-immigration laws and anti-abortion: it was also having them champion President Trump and his few accomplishments, while conveniently downplaying his many failures and blunders as fake news.

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Both Sinclair spokespeople and Trump himself have tried to dismiss these accusations as being baseless, but their evident “concern trolling” only confirms the truth. Much as the Russian network RT is state-sponsored TV that advocates misleading information on behalf of the Russian Government, Sinclair can be considered the American equivalent.

The question then for every day citizens concerned about whether they, their friends, or their family are being overtly or subtly fed misleading information, is whether their market owned by the broadcast group. Well luckily for everyone, Vox, using information compiled by Simon Zou from the Nielsen Corporation and GeoCommons, has assembled an interactive graphic of the United States. By clicking on the state they are living in, individuals can learn if they fall under Sinclair’s broad reach.

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Sinclair stations reach an astounding 40 percent of the American population, meaning 2/5s of the country are exposed to Republican lies everyday, and that is not even taking into consideration the many other conservative outlets like talk radio (Rush Limbaugh), alt-right websites (Breitbart News), and of course Fox News. People who still think for themselves have long wondered how big an impact gerrymandering is having on the political representation in the United States. But what if citizens were exposed to actual fair and balanced news sources: would that radically change the ideological demographics of this country?

A look at Vox’s map seems to confirm so. Red states like Kansas, Nebraska, Florida, Texas, and Iowa all have over 10 Sinclair-owned stations in them. Granted, bluer states like Oregon and Washington also have similar numbers, but looking at their voter breakdown reveals that they have only stayed Democratic-leaning because of the influx of people to metropolitan areas.

In the end, be cautious with whatever political statements you hear and always fact-check numbers, figures, and data you are uncertain about. That is the way to combat subtle indoctrination.

Watch John Oliver take down Sinclair’s Trump TV Propaganda:

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