At Least Fifteen Hispanic Trump Advisers May Resign Out Of Protest

Members of Donald Trump’s Hispanic and Latino leadership say they feel betrayed by the Republican nominee’s hardline immigration speech.

As we previously reported early Thursday morning, Trump surrogate and National Hispanic Advisory Council member Jacob Monty resigned from his position and publicly disavowed the Republican presidential nominee. Now it seems Monty’s resignation was only the first in a flurry of similar protest resignations.

According to conservative pundit Leslie Sanchez, half of Trump’s Hispanic advisory board “is ready to resign today”.

Hispanic leader who advises Trump camp telling me half of Trump’s Hispanic advisory board is ready to resign today (15 of 30)

— Leslie Sanchez (@LeslieSanchez) September 1, 2016

They feel misled. Really “hot” crowd. Extremely upset.

— Leslie Sanchez (@LeslieSanchez) September 1, 2016

On Immigration, Trump ‘Didn’t Deliver’

Backlash is mounting against the Republican presidential nominee’s speech on immigration.

Jacob Monty, along with other Hispanic and Latino leaders, had recently met with Trump at his eponymous Tower to discuss the border issue. “When we met [earlier in August] he was going to approach this issue with a realistic plan,” Monty told Politico. “A compassionate plan, with a plan that was not disruptive to the immigrants that were here that were not lawbreakers.”

After Trump delivered the widely-criticized speech in Phoenix, Arizona, Monty was disappointed:“He didn’t deliver any of that.”

In a Facebook post, Monty called Trump a “modern day Father Coughlin” who “demonized immigrants”.I gave Donald TRUMP a Plan that would improve border security , remove hardened criminal aliens and most importantly give work authority to the millions of honest, hardworking immigrants in the US. He rejected that tonight and so I must reject him. He was moving toward a resonable (sic), pro business and compasionate (sic) immigration plan. Tonight he was not a Republican but a populist ,modern day Father Coughlin who demonized immigrants .

He must want to lose. He can do that without me.

Reverb Press reached out to Jacob Monty, but he has not yet responded to our inquiry.

Another member of Trump’s Hispanic advisory board is Ramiro Pena, a pastor from Texas who says Trump’s speech may have cost him the election. He went as far to lambaste the Trump campaign as a “scam”.

“I am so sorry but I believe Mr. Trump lost the election tonight . . . The ‘National Hispanic Advisory Council’ seems to be simply for optics and I do not have the time or energy for a scam.”
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