Ex-CIA Chief: North Korea Is Conning Donald Trump, and He's Falling for It

Ex-CIA Chief: North Korea Is Conning Donald Trump, and He’s Falling for It

Mike Morell Says Trump Is Playing Into Kim Jong Un’s Hands

Mike Morell, former acting Chief of the CIA and a prominent backer of Barack Obama’s approach to North Korea, says the president is playing into Kim Jong Un’s hands. It begs the question: is Trump’s approach to North Korea “tough” or severely misguided?

Tensions with North Korea, the so-called Hermit Kingdom, have undoubtedly escalated in the months since President Donald Trump took office. But the aggressive posturing is all part of an elaborate diplomatic performance long-employed by the totalitarian regime that governs the country, says Mike Morell, the former acting Chief of the CIA, and a prominent Trump critic.

According to Morell, the new president is being tested by Kim Jong Un. “We have a new president and Kim Jong Un is trying to challenge him,” he told CBS This Morning. “[Kim] is trying to get him back to the negotiating table.

“Kim Jong Un wants to get back to a situation where we give them gifts when they do something bad. And then we are also making it worse, right? With our bluster and by sending aircraft carriers in there, we’re raising the crisis […] It’s best to just ignore this guy and to deter him from ever using these weapons or selling them and to build our defenses.”

On Tuesday, I wrote about Trump’s blasé escalation of the North Korea situation through Twitter, where he promised to “solve the problem” with or without help from China. “North Korea is looking for trouble”, he wrote. “If China decides to help, that would be great. If not, we will solve the problem without them!” He signed off with: “U.S.A.” That same day, one of North Korea’s state-run newspapers mused on the idea of conducting a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the United States.

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