BREAKING: Trump Pulls US Out of Iran Nuclear Deal - Threatens Allies

BREAKING: Trump Pulls US Out of Iran Nuclear Deal – Threatens Allies

Donald Trump’s Decision to Withdraw From the Iran Nuclear Deal is Bad Enough. What He Said About America’s Friends And Strategic Allies is Even Worse.

It took from April 2009 through November 2013 to forge the Joint Plan of Action, better known as “The Iran Nuclear Deal” between the Iranian regime and  The P5+1 — The United States, China, Russia, The United Kingdom, France, and Germany. It took less than one week of President Donald Trump’s new national security team — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Adviser John Bolton — to dismantle almost a decade’s worth of progress and set the United States on a dangerous course towards strict isolationism.

Speaking at the White House Tuesday afternoon, Trump announced he was withdrawing the United States from the Joint Plan of Action. Furthermore, the president announced he will be “instituting the highest level of nuclear sanctions” against Iran. Worse, he threatened sanctions against “any nation” that aided the Iranian economy, which at the moment would include just about all of our allies.

French President Emanuel Macron was quick to respond on Twitter, voicing his regret:

More reaction, both domestic and international, is expected shortly.

This is a developing story.